Note: These are more notes then anything else. If you have questions, ask me.

Thanks again to Mark Kochte for his great B5 rules, and for the ideas that led to this set. (As well as telling me the difference between a pulse weapon and a beam weapon. (8-) )

Modifications to FT for Babylon 5 - Jerry Han
(With ideas from Mark Kochte)

PDAF can intercept incoming fire - one interceptor gives one level of 
shielding. ADAFs cannot intercept.

PDAFs are arced, pay cost per PDAF to cover an ARC i.e. three - arc PDAF would
cost 9 pts.

Use HBW/Energy Mines from Mark's Rules.

Weapons can fire to the rear arc.  However, it costs more to have a weapon
fire to the rear Arc (1.5xcost of the cost to cover an arc.)  Only PDAFs and
C-bats can be construed to have 360 fire arcs - all other weapons can only 
have 270.   

Jump Points - movement phase turn x, point opens.  Movement phase turn x+1, 
whatever comes in/ goes out.  6" "avoidance" range.  On the turn that 
jump engines go on-line, a ship cannot fire.  On the turn that the ship
enters/exits the point, the ship can only use up to half its thrust, and
cannot fire.

In order for a boarding attempt to occur, the two ships must have matched
course and speed, and be within two inches of each other (for large models,
bases touching.)  

A ship gets one boarding factor for every two damage points it has remaining.  
For each mass given over to troop quarters, there is another two boarding
factors.  (See Boarding Pod for an example.)  (This is for military 
ships.  For civilian, each mass gives you six boarding factors.)

During a boarding action, attacker and defender roll off.  Defender gets to
add one for every die he has (to reflect advantages of defensive systems, 
cover, intimate knowledge of the ship, whatever.)  Ties are matched off.  
Every pair remaining results in the loss of one factor to one side
or the other.  

Every turn, keep rolling until one side is eliminated or surrenders i.e.
combat is spread out over several turns.

Example: 3 dice on 2 dice.  Defender gets plus one.

First turn: 6,1,1 | 3(4),2(3)  Attacker loses one, Defender loses one
Second turn: 4,1 | 3(4)        Nobody loses anything
Third turn:  1,2 | 3(4)        Attacker loses one

Level one technology:
No screens

Weapons Available: Batteries, ADAFs, PDAFs, HBWs 
                   Narn: Energy Mines 

Level two technology:
New Weapons (Wave Gun) 

Plus one die for beam batteries, ADAFs, and PDAFs

Screens Available - Screens reduce by their level damage from HBWs, and 
reduce by their level times six damage from the Mimbari Wave Gun

Better control of jump points - 2" "avoidance" range.

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