Full Thrust Race #1

Started: May 25th, 1998
Updated: Mon Aug 31 16:44:55 EDT 1998
Current Status: Finished
Finished Racers: Banzai Bolide, Centipede
Eliminated Racers: Allemand (Killed), Skydancer (Killed)

Adjudicated Racers: Gunrunner, Cool Breeze

Play by Play


Centipede tags beacon 5, and the Captains of Gunrunner and Cool Breeze agree to adjudication to end the race.

Congratulations to Captain Izenberg of the Banzai Bolide, Captain Seidl of the Centipede , and Captain Robertson, of the Skydancer

Thank you to all the participants for making this a good race.

Leader Table (Final Results)

Ship Player Points Ship Status Current Placing (Points) Current Beacon
Banzai Bolide Noam Izenberg 55 Moderate 1st FINISHED
Centipede Matthew Seidl 53 Moderate 2nd FINISHED
Skydancer Brendan Robertson 43 DEAD 3rd (tied) N/A
Allemand Sean Bayan Schoonmaker 39 DEAD 4th N/A
Gunrunner Chad Lubrecht 39 Moderate 4th (tied) ADJUDICATED
Cool Breeze Tom Granvold 31 Moderate 5th ADJUDICATED

Race Map

Turn 12 Positions

4k Gif
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