Honor Harrington Scenario One - Bishops Take Rook

Royal Manticorian Navy Briefing

Battlecruiser Squadron 12

General Overview and Orders

Of all the luck! Brand new Flagship, brand new BC squadron, a week of harried workups, and the speed run from Manticore to try and get to White Haven before the Trevor's Star offensive opened. Arrived just in time to be placed in Fleet Reserve.

Then a report came in from a picket destroyer that the Peeps were moving reinforcements in system, a full SDN squadron with escorts. During the reinforcement, something happened to an escort Sultan; possibily, it came too close to a SDN. Whatever happened, there was a massive grav spike, and then there was a Sultan, undergoing a crash shutdown.

The picket noticed two other Sultans going to the aid of the first one, before it had to run to escape the Peeps. Which means, there are three BCs, sitting out there, within 2 million klicks of the hyper limit.

White Haven has told you to go and get them. Capture any disabled ships if possible; if not, destroy them in place. You have managed to maneuver your squadron to come out of hyper space right at the hyperlimit, on the closest approach to the Peeps.

Finally, some action!

Forces Available

Order of Battle, Twelfth Battlecruiser Squadron, Royal Manticorian Navy

Enemy Opposition

Intelligence indicates three Battlecruisers, one with an engineering casualty in the vicinity of the target area. Intel believes these are Sultan class BCs.

Intel reports that the lack of morale exhibited by the Republic Navy in the early part of the war has been, for the most part, corrected. While their technology is still not at par with the RMN, it has been improved, with old ship classes being refit and new ship classes being comissioned. It is unknown at this time whether or not these ships are new generation ships.


This battle will occur near the hyper limit. As such, the Republic Navy will probably try to escape rather than engage at odds of 2:1.

Special Rules

The following special rules apply:

Victory Points Awarded

The RMN receives points as follows:
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