Honor Harrington Scenario One - Bishops Take Rook

People's Republic of Haven Briefing

Provisional Task Group

General Overview and Orders

Of all the luck! Brand new Flagship, brand new squadron, a week of harried workups, and the speed run from Haven to try and get to Trevor's Star before White Haven's offensive opened. McQueen being reassigned dimmed your hopes of a win, but at least you could bleed the RMN this time.

But then one of the Sultan's in your escort mistimed the re-entry from Hyperspace, and you almost had that disaster of disasters; wedge collison. Even though you're driving a BB, bad things happen.

In this case, both ships managed to do a crash shutdown in time. Except, (damned yard flaw), the crash shutdown set up a nice feedback loop, blowing systems across the board.

So now, you're in a crippled BB, with three BCs around trying to give you some privacy. And THEN you detect a bunch of wedges coming in from the hyper limit, without Havenite IFF codes. It's obviously a hopeless engagement; the best thing to do is run.

What a day!

Forces Available

Order of Battle, Provisional Task Group, Havenite Navy

Enemy Opposition

Unknown. The wedges seem to indicate nothing heavier than a Battlecruiser, but given Mantie technological edges, there could be something hiding behind there...


This battle is occuring near the hyper limit, giving you a chance to escape.

The three BCs were providing assistance; thus they are all within 1" of Tremendous, and all with zero speed relative to the hyper limit.

Special Rules

The following special rules apply:

Victory Points Awarded

The Havenite Navy receives points as follows:
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