Honor Harrington Scenario One - Bishops Take Rook

General Overview

White Haven's final offensive against the Haven base around Tervor's Star kicked off two weeks ago. The withdrawl of Admiral McQueen from the Haven command staff at Trevor's Star has thrown the Haven staff in disarray, as McQueen has proven to be one of the few Haven Admiral able to match one of Manticore's best.

Because of this, and because of White Haven's local forces superiority, it was only a matter of time before the system fell, giving the RMN control of the only terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction in hostile hands.

During the one Haven attempt to reinforce the system, a Sultan class battlecruiser suffered an engineering casualty and fell out of formation approximately 2.5 million klicks from the hyper limit. White Haven has detached the Twelfth Battlecruiser squadron, to either capture or destroy the disabled battlecruiser.

Note to GMs: if possible, keep players on one side from reading the briefing of the other side. Because of the sensor rules used in this FT adaptation, both sides will have to figure out what they are facing.

Information for the Royal Manticorian Navy

Information for the People's Navy (People's Republic of Haven)

Special Rules for this Scenario:

Capturing Ships

A ship without an active wedge may be captured by the opposing side. Ships making the capture attempt must close within 1" of the ship to be captured. At this point, boarding vessels are launched. A boarding action is then fought, as per More Thrust rules.

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