The Sound of Thunder
Honor Harrington Scenario #2

Ship Classes Used:  Reliant II, Star Knight, Edward Saganami, Harmony,
Thunderer, Warlord, Saladin, Mars, Leader, Nouveau Paris, Small Star

The long war against the People's Republic of Haven required the 
Star Kingdom of Manticore and her allies to take great risks.  Having
the numerically smaller navy, especially in 'ships of the wall', 
the RMN, the GSN, and the other navies of the Alliance would frequently
uncover their rear areas, to keep the pressure on the Peeps.

The theory was that, if the pressure was kept up on Haven, they would
be too busy reacting to act.

Most of the time it worked.  Sometimes, though, it didn't...

RMN Commander Brief:  HMS Audacious, Connor's Bluff
You're nervous.  Extremely nervous.  This system picket was supposed to 
consist of a strong Task Group, centered around the 38th Dreadnaught 
Squadron.   6 Dreadnaughts, 12 Battlecruisers, 16 Cruisers of various 
types, and 8 destroyers would be strong enough to hold any attempt to 
raid the system.

Unfortunately, Peep resistance has been stiffening again, and in an attempt
to maintain the momentum, most of the above ships were transfered to 
White Haven's 8th Fleet.  2 Battlecruisers, 4 Cruisers, and 4 Destroyers
were left behind to show the flag.  And you, Commodore, were left holding
the bag.  At least they left the modern heavy cruisers behind, figuring 
that, if you had to fight, you would need the best you could get.  Plus
some other surprises that would prove to be a rude wake-up call for 
incoming enemy ships.

The gamble worked for a long time.  The detachment was strong enough to
throw off Peep attempts to probe the system, and the Peeps were too
busy to make a serious attempt to raid.  

Unfortunately, that's changed.  At 0300 this morning, system time, a 
Peep Task Group came crashing across the hyper limit.  Their target 
appears to be the sector control centre for this part of the system

Luckily, your squadron was out toward the limit, and was able to engage 
the enemy before they could engage the control centre.  

Unluckily, they have a battleship.

ORDERS:  Engage enemy squadron and prevent the destruction of the 
sector control centre.

Order of Battle: Detachment Audacious: Connor's Bluff
HMS Audacious - Reliant II class Battlecruiser  (Detachment Flag)
HMS Redoubtable - Reliant II class Battlecruiser
HMS Champion - Star Knight class Heavy Cruiser
HMS Endeavour - Star Knight class Heavy Cruiser
HMS Atkinson - Edward Saganami class Heavy Cruiser
HMS Chartier - Edward Saganami class Heavy Cruiser
HMS Hatchet - Harmony ('H') Class Destroyer
HMS Hammer - Harmony ('H') Class Destroyer
HMS Hacksaw - Harmony ('H') Class Destroyer
HMS Hickory - Harmony ('H') Class Destroyer

Affiliated Forces:
Sector Command Centre - 30 A

PRH Navy Brief: PNS Thunderbolt, Connor's Bluff
Finally!  We're actually attacking again instead of waiting for
White Haven to clean our clocks!  

Admittedly, the plan appears to be complex, overly complex.  Take
almost every available battleship, match them up with pairs of
battlecruisers and escorts, and perform a near simultaneous raid on
every RMN held system in the sector.  But, if it could be pulled off,
the psychological damage alone would be amazing.  And every 
'ship of the wall' that they use to picket this sector is one less they
send to White Haven.  Or to reinforce the GSN and Admiral Harrington.  
You really wish they had given you two battleships, but there really 
weren't the numbers to spare; the legacy of past, failed operations.
And that's why you're under orders to break off if your battleship
takes 50% or more damage; preserving the ship is more important then 
raiding the base.

The system you're attacking is supposed to have a battlecruiser and
a bunch of heavy cruisers, plus the defences of the base.  One battleship,
plus the supporting elements, should be plenty.

You crashed across the hyper limit, only to find that intelligence made
a mistake.  As usual.  (Though you would never say that to your 
People's Comissioner!)  However, the error doesn't appear to be that bad;
one extra battlecruiser can't make that much of a difference.

You notice though, that the RMN Commodore is moving to engage anyways...

ORDERS:  Attack and destroy the sector command centre for the system 
defences.  Preserve your command; you must attempt to disengage if BB
damage reaches 50%.

Order of Battle:  Detachment Thunderbolt, Connor's Bluff Attack Force
PNS Thunderbolt - Thunderer Class Battleship (Detachment Flag)
PNS Khan - Warlord Class Battlecruiser
PNS Fatima - Saladin Class Battlecruiser
PNS Kali - Mars Class Heavy Cruiser
PNS Seth - Mars Class Heavy Cruiser
PNS Jomini - Leader Class Light Cruiser
PNS Geoville - Nouveau Paris Class Destroyer
PNS Candoria - Nouveau Paris Class Destroyer
PNS New Orlando - Nouveau Paris Class Destroyer
PNS Harville - Nouveau Paris Class Destroyer
PNS Marche - Nouveau Paris Class Destroyer

Command Centre is placed on narrow edge of table, on far side.  (3" 
from narrow edge).  Attacking fleet comes in from opposite side, 
velocity 12, course toward fortress, any orientation.  Defenders come in
from side (chosen before setup), on turn 1, any speed, any orientation (had
chance to build vectors up), halfway down the table.  
Hyper Limit is located on the edge that attacking fleet comes in.

Only six pods are available aboard the fortress, plus the pods 
available aboard each ship.