Battlecruisers Stand In

The People's Navy would attempt to raid outlying picket stations, taking advantage of the fact that the RMN would frequently strip picket stations to the bone in an attempt to keep their offensive going. These raids didn't happen very often (as the People's Navy would be stripping its forces to the bone to make up for its horrendous losses), but when they did happen, they were usually devastating. Heavy Cruisers cannot stand up to Battlecruisers.

However, occasionally, the Admiralty would station battlecruiser divisions in the process of working up in these systems, to reinforce the pickets and give them a chance to develop before sending them off to the front lines. When this happened, the incoming Peep raiding force found itself in a stand-up fight.

In this case, one of the first 'mixed' divisions of Battlecruisers (HMS Cassiopeia, Reliant II Class and GNS Trailman, Couvosier Class, Updated), was exercising in the Stranda system with HMS Barbarian (Star Knight, Updated) when four Peep Battlecruisers came screaming across the hyper limit, on a course to destroy an asteroid processing facility.

Time to earn your pay.