Renegade Legion Leviathan FT - Scenario #1
Caesar Must Die!

Brutus Caesar is one of the most capable Admirals that the Terran Overlord
Government has.  In addition, he's relatively honest for a senior officer,
correcting all the efficiency problems that occur in his squadrons.

Unfortunately, the problems he's correcting provide the only hope the Renegade
Legions and the Commonwealth have against the Terran Overlord Government. 

Caesar has been doing a tour of the front, and has stopped off in an
uninhabited system to bleed off shimmer heat and exercise his squadron before
returning back to his fleet headquarters.  The Renegades managed to capture his
plans, and have a little suprise in store for him.

TOG Briefing and Order of Battle:
Glory to Caesar!  Admiral Caesar  is pleased with how the squadron has
performed on this inspection tour.  Some time spent in the system, doing
some drills, bleeding off shimmer heat, and then it's off to home.  It's 
been a long three months of constant travel, and being Ops officer to
the Admiral is a busy job.  But the exercise has just wrapped up, and it's
about time to think about going home.  And thankfully too, the screwed up
setup of this moon was really making you nervous...

Wait a second.  What's that leaving the asteroid belt?  Renegades?  HERE!?
Plutarchos, sound Battlestations and get the Admiral and the Navarchos up here.
Now! Battlestations!!

TOE - Terran Overlord Government Navy
TNS Executioner - Illustrius Class Battleship
TNS New Syria - Seneca Class Cruiser
TNS Coviper - Bantha Class Frigate
TNS Schlow - Hipper Class Frigate
TNS Illustriki - Morkanium Class Destroyer
TNS Cornanium - Morkanium Class Destroyer
TNS Miter - Serpens Class Destroyer
TNS Serpens VIII - Serpens Class Destroyer

RL Briefing and Order of Battle:
One clean shot at Caesar.  That's all you've wanted.  The orders are clear;
the RL squadron is expendable, just as long as Admiral Brutus Caesar dies.
Because of the interception profile, your force is heavy in carriers, and fast
ships.  Battle toe-to-toe, and you will die.  Let the fighters do the work, and
you might get out of here alive...

TOE - Renegade Legion Navy
RLS Chartier - Iron Duke Class Battleship
RNS Immortal - Inflexible Class Cruiser
RNS New Norfolk - County Class Frigate Carrier
RNS Lexington VI - Lexington Class Destroyer Carrier
RNS Lancaster - Lexington Class Destroyer Carrier
RNS Devonshire - Exeter Class Destroyer
RNS Carsonshire - Exeter Class Destroyer

Scenario Setup:
The TOG sets up within 12" of one map edge, speed 4.  The Renegade ships may
set up anywhere else on the map with speed 0, up to the limit of the asteroid
field toward the TOG map edge.  The Renegades may have fighters deployed; the
TOG starts with their fighters in their bays.  The map has a debris field,
with fixed debris.  Any ship hitting debris takes d6 times the ship's speed. 
Fighters may remain hidden, until activated by the RL player, or when a TOG
ship passes within 6" of the hidden location.  RL ships must be placed on the
map from the start of the scenario.   Fighters may move through debris
without penalty.

T |      |         |      | R
O |      |Asteroids|      | L
G |      |         |      |
        Radiation Belt

The debris field is actually the remnants of a vast meteor impact that
occured several months ago, blasting a cloud of fragments into low 
orbit over the moon.  In a couple of months, the debris cloud will 
fall, but, for now, it orbits.  (We're assuming fixed here for easy
of play.)

The map is 'moveable' in the long direction.   Along one edge, there is a 
moon, preventing movement in that direction.  There is an extreme band of
radiation along the other long edge, much more intense then the Van Allen
belt, effectively preventing ship motion in that direction.  

The object is to either destroy all the Renegades, or escape with the
Admiral, by jumping into T-Space.  This means accelerating to a speed
of 30" or more, in a straight line.  This means you'll have to clear
the asteroid field before commencing acceleration.  

The RL player is attempting to kill the Admiral.  Period.  

He may be transfered by small craft to different ships.  The 
Renegades will not know till the end of the scenario where the Admiral is.
If he is transfered by small craft, the TOG player(s) must write this down.
The position of the Admiral every turn must be indicated somewhere.

If he is aboard small craft, and the small craft come under fire, roll
randomly to see if the Admiral is killed.  If he is aboard a ship, he
has taken position on (in order): CIC, Aux Bridge, Main Bridge.  If
he is in one of those areas, and the area is hit by an threshold check,
roll a d6- on a 4,5,6, the Admiral is killed.  If he is not killed,
he will move to the next intact position in line.  If there is no
intact control position for him on the ship, he must attempt to shift
his flag to a ship with an intact control position.  If the ship he is 
on is destroyed, roll a die: on a 3,4,5,6, he is killed.  (He is a firm
believer of 'going down with the ship.')

For every turn that Admiral Caesar is not at a command station exerting
his flag authority, a die is rolled for all TOG ships who take internal
damage that turn.  On a 5 or a 6, these TOG ships will strike and 
surrender.  The RL player can take possession of a 'struck' ship by
ending the turn 4" away, or by sending class dice of small craft over, 
where class is defined as: TOG destroyer - 1, TOG frigate - 2, TOG
cruiser - 3, TOG battleship - 4).  "Struck" ships drop their
shields, will not maneuver except to decelerate to 0, and will not
fire, though they will use their PDS against incoming missile fire.

If the Admiral resumes authority before the RL takes possession, roll
a die for each "struck" ship.  On a 4,5,6, the 'struck' ship resumes
the fight, and will not strike again.  These checks are made at the
start of the turn.

Scenario #2 - Return of the King
The planet of Messana was attacked on 6824 by TOG.  So far, the Renegades
and the Commonwealth have managed to contain the TOG legions on the ground,
but have fought to a stalemate in the spacelanes.

Because of the short distance to Thapsus, the occupational capital of 
the invasion of Shannedam County, TOG has been able to reinforce quicker
then the Commonwealth.  This culminated in the establishment of a ON6
large naval ship base on the edge of the system.  TOG plans on using this 
base to funnel supplies and legions to the surface of Messana.  This would
be disastrous to the Commonwealth war effort, if it were allowed to

So, the Commonwealth evolved a plan to take the base out while it still
could.  They assembled a battleship squadron, evolved a gigantic deception
plan, and then threw the squadron at the base.  

This is the story of that battle.

TOG - Scenario Briefing
You thought heading up a garrison squadron was boring.  Oh well.  The 
Shark may be an old ship, but she's still fine.  And it's nice when a 
Navarchos gets an Admiral's billet.  

However, that old curse about wishing for excitement and getting it
seems to have come true.  The Renegades and the Commonwealth appear
to have launched a major relief effort and most of the TOG theatre reserve 
is moving in-system to meet the Renegade thrust.  At least they're 
ignoring the base.  The first supply convoy is coming in 
two weeks, and the last thing you need now is a...

"Renegade Legion Battleship squadron sighted! Closing fast!"


TOE - TOG Navy
ON6 Naval Base - Lorranius System, Orbital Zone 9
TNS Shark - Ultor Class Battleship
TNS Fafnir - Vulcan Class Cruiser
TNS Vandor - Hipper Class Frigate
TNS Johns - Hipper Class Frigate
TNS Kiruna - Canis class Destroyer Carrier
TNS Deoyen - Serpens Class Destroyer
TNS Qualan - Serpens Class Destroyer
TNS Bradley - Moltke Class Destroyer
TNS Kai-shek - Moltke Class Destroyer 

RL - Scenario Briefing
This is it.  One throw of the die.  A good chunk of the Theatre Reserve is
raising hell further in-system, tying up TOG reserves and attention.  
You've got once chance at this; if you miss  this opportunity, they'll put
so many ships around this facility, you'll never be able to hit it again.

But you've got a brand new battleship, and you've got a good squadron.
Time to kick some TOG ass.

TOE - RL/Commonwealth Navy
CNS Atkinson - Venatrix Class Battleship
CNS Lewis - Kondracke Class Cruiser
RLS Pirie - "Bone Crusher" Class Cruiser
RLS Sabre - Valiant Class Frigate
CNS Honourable - Valiant Class Frigate
RLS Ranger - Hornet Class Destroyer Carrier
RLS Runestone - Warder Class Destroyer
RLS Wizard - Warder Class Destroyer
CNS Enduring - Enmity Class Destroyer
CNS Eternal - Enmity Class Destroyer

Scenario Setup:
The ON6 base is placed in the centre of the table.  The RL/CN force is placed
along one of the short edges of the table, within 12", any speed up to 8.  
The TOG force is then placed, within 6" of the ON6 base, speed 0.

The ON6 base is key.  The RL/CN player must destroy the base.  The TOG
player must prevent this.  

TOG DECISIVE: Base preserved, RL Battleship destroyed
TOG MARGINAL: Base preserved, RL Battleship escapes
DRAW: Base destroyed, RL Battleship destroyed, TOG Battleship survives
RL MARGINAL: Base destroyed, RL Battleship destroyed, TOG Battleship destroyed
RL DECISIVE: Base destroyed, TOG Battleship destroyed, RL Battleship survives