Note: These are more notes then anything else. If you have any questions, please ask me. These use my variant on B5 rules.

"Severed Dreams" 

Scenario Setup - Recreating the battle featured in "Severed Dreams"

Loyalist Forces:  4 Omegas (Agrippa, Roanoke, Nimrod, Olympic)
	          3 Hyperions (Europa, Io, Callisto)
		  6 Boarding Pods (Alpha, Baker, Charlie, Delta, Epsilon, 

Rebel Forces: Babylon 5
              2 Omegas (Churchill, Alexander)
	      1 Mimbari War Cruiser (Valen's Flame)
              White Star

Scneario Setup:
	Jump Gate is 40" away from B5
        B5 is 12" away from Epsilon 3.
        Alexander/Churchill can be 6" away from B5 in any direction.

Loyalist Entry:
	Can come in as many waves as they want.  All ships must be on the
        board by Turn four.  Jump points must be no closer than 36" of
        B5.  Fighters can be deployed as they enter.  

Victory Conditions:
	Loyalist Major:  B5 surrenders - both Alexander/Churchill captured or

	Loyalist Minor:  B5 destroyed - both Alexander/Churchill captured or 
			 B5 surrenders - one of Alexander/Churchill escapes

	Rebel Minor: 	B5 survives - both Alexander/Churchill destroyed
	Rebel Major:	B5 survives - one of Alexander/Churchill survives

Special Rules:

Boarding Pods:
Because the boarding pods are elite troops, and highly spirited, they 
receive a +2 to all their rolls on the attack, +3 on the defence.
(Yeah, they're pretty damn mean.)

Entry of the Mimbari:
The entry/existence of Valen's Flame and the White Star should be hidden from
the other players if possible.  Their entry occurs when the umpire, or the 
rebels, roll a total of 24 or more on 1d6.  Start rolling the dice on turn
two.  (If the game is being umpired, the umpire should make a judgement call,
and make the rolls.  You want to create maximum dramatic tension here.)

Babylon 5 will surrender if both the Alexander/Churchill are destroyed, but
before the Mimbari arrive.  

Babylon 5 will also surrender if any residential section is reduced to the
last damage track, or if a fusion reactor detonation occurs.  

In the event of a surrender, forces must arrive to take control of B5 before
the Mimbari leap out of hyperspace.  This can be done by a boarding pod making
a boarding attempt, by a Loyalist starship holding position within 6" of 
B5 (shuttles carrying the ship's marines over), or if there is a boarding
action already in progress at the moment of the surrender.

If the Mimbari arrive before the surrender is complete, the surrender is 
null and void, and the fight is to the finish.

Designer Notes:
Play balance can be seriously effected by the number of Mimbari that 
enter.  In play test, two Mimbari war cruisers were used -> they quickly
mopped up and destroyed whatever sembalance of formation the opposing players
had.  Several other factors have been changed from the original scenario, to 
reflect experience in play test.  This new scenario (especially with the new
B5) has not been tested at all.

As an option, to keep things "lively", one can have something different
jump out of the jump gate.  Perhaps another Loyalist or Rebel Omega.  
Perhaps a Narn cruiser.  Perhaps even a Shadow Cruiser with fighters.
The important thing is to keep the element of suprise when it comes to
what comes out of that jump point.

Ship stats for the above scenario: (Note, these were designed to be printed 2UP i.e. two logical, landscape pages per printed page.)
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