Turn Startup Play-by-Play

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to the FT Showdown. Tonight's featured grudge match is between Team Torpedo, and Team Teske Field!

Team Torpedo consists of Admirals Beth Fulton and Mark 'Indy' Kochte. They're setup on the 'western' side of the game map.

Team Teske Field consists of Admirals Noam Izenberg and Aaron Teske. They're setup on the 'eastern' side of the game map.

The referee for tonight's match is Vice-Admiral Jerry Han, of the UN Space Command. Off duty, he's also responsible for that wonders of wonders, the CANOE Dart Ladder He also runs the GZG-L Mailing List Archives, and is the webmaster for the Ground Zero Games - East Coast Convention II website.

Before we begin, we'll do a quick rundown of the match:

This is the setup for the match; now we await the first sets of orders. Good luck to both teams!

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