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The Ultimate Steel Cage Grudge Match

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And we're off! The fleets accelerate to attack speeds, with Adm. Fulton taking her fleet two points to starboard. A possible flanking maneuver?

Adm. Kochte's squadron fires on Adm. Teske's Magnitogorsk, a Petrograd class Battleship. The Petrograd is based on an expanded BC Manchuria hull, and is a relatively new design. The damage is significant, but not serious, as Magnitogorsk's hull shrugs off the worse of it.

Adm. Teske's squadron takes aim at Appel Ce Une Menance, the Suffern Class light cruiser in Adm. Fulton's squadron. Adm. Teske's fire is less accurate then Adm. Kochte's, but Kochte was firing at a battleship, while Teske's firing at a light cruiser. Warning bells sound aboard Menance, but she still stays relatively intact. At least, her critical SML racks remain intact...

The preliminaries have been exchanged. The fighters stay back in a screening mode, apparently being saved by both sides until they can be used in a decisive manner. Will the fleets close to slugging range, or will they snipe at long range? Sniping favours the FSE, but will the ESU allow that to happen? Stay tuned for more exciting action...

Current Ship Transmissions

Chef to All Units
"Gotta help the children..."
Beefcake to All Units
Damien to All Units
"You will all die by the hand of my father!"
Cartman to All Units
NO Aaron, it's MY chicken pot pie!
Pip to All Units
"Oh, dear!"
Kenny to All Units
"mrphml mrml mfrm!"

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