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(This is revised, after an error was spotted in how the turn was run.) Ships break hard, trying to dodge the shield wall. Magnitogorsk, broken, bleeding, and having engine damage, doesn't make, and exits the game in a blazing ball of light. Only Adm. Teske's fighters remain.

But they're fighting hard. The big story this turn are the combined fighter squadrons of Thanais and Taltos squadron, as they beat Assenat Grange up pretty badly; so badly that structural failure followed by nice fireworks is coming up soon.

Chef and Taltos turn head to head, in a contest of brute firepower. Taltos has more Class 3 batteries, but Chef is relatively undamaged. On the other hand, it does have a P-Torp battery, and Adm. Kochte is flying the ship.

So what does it all mean? Team Kochte/Fulton still appears to be in better shape, though the fighters demonstrate how tenuous that lead can be. Chef's definately the favourite in the Taltos/Chef grudge match, but weirder things have happened.

The Showdown continues toward its conclusion!

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