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(NOTE: Thanais Squadron is still fighting; they're just not on the map because of a bug in my Perl script, and I don't have the time to fix it right now.)

Things are winding down, if you can call two SDNs going head to head 'winding down'. Chef and Taltos continue their headlong charge into each other. Once again, Taltos deals more damage to Chef, then Chef returns, but Chef has a couple dozen more hull points.

The big surprise is that Mark Kochte hits with the pulse torpedo on the first shot, to score a whopping 1 point of damage. Congratulations!

Thanais Squadron tries to nail Damien to the wall; and manages to do enough to force another round of threshold checks. Damien returns the favour by clawing down one more fighter.

Now both squadrons are out of endurance, and Adm. Izenberg scrambles to get his fighters landed, reloaded, and back out to challenge the NAC and FSE squadrons.

Adm. Fulton spends her time orbiting the periphery of the battle, fighter her damage as quickly as she can. Of course, we notice that Assenat Grange is heading for the shield wall; and she has no engines....

The Showdown continues!

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