FT Showdown!!

The Ultimate Steel Cage Grudge Match

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Luck has finally come to the NSL squadron; at least, all that remains of it.

Chef maneuvers hard, trying to keep a bearing on Taltos. Unfortunately, all it does is give Taltos a perfect aft angle shot on Chef. More damage is scored on Chef, and Taltos pecks at Damien for good measure. Kenny and Appel Ce Une Menance fire upon Taltos, but they score clean misses.

Assenat Grange continues to fly toward the wall, as her crew desperately attempts to make repairs. Alas, it is too late: Grange will hit the wall, with unfortunate consequences.

Taltos squadron is back aboard Taltos, and Thanais squadron is heading there as quickly as possible. On Turn 14, Taltos squadron will be ready to fly, and on Turn 15, Thanais squadron will be ready to fly. Can Taltos last that long? And if so, will the fighters manage to tilt the balance?

The worry on Adm. Kochte's mind though, must be that Kenny and Damien are about to go head to head against a NSL BDN. Kenny's pristine look is about to change.

The Showdown continues!

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