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The Ultimate Steel Cage Grudge Match

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The carnage begins this turn.

Admiral Teske brings the power of the Teske Field to full power as fire slams into Beefcake. Shields flash, evasive maneuvers happen; but, in the end, Beefcake gets hammered by 19 points of damage. Beefcake is now venting atmosphere, and scans indicate damage.

To add insult to injury, Potemkin lands 2 SMR salvoes at (35,35)... right in the face of Pip. PDAF fires, but Cartman misses completely, and Pip does little better. 18 points later, Pip is now an expanding ball of gas.

Admiral Kochte brings his firepower to bear on Magnitogorsk and Shklovsky. Magnitogorsk comes under a hail of fire; and after a zillion ones, comes out relatively unscathed. Shklovsky is less fortunate; two pulse torp hits from Beefcake and Shklovsky is history.

Her stablemate, Sakharov also buys it, but this time the responsibility belongs to Admiral Kochte's ally, Admiral Fulton. Her entire squadron fires SMLs and their battery weapons. While all the SMLs fall short (sometimes by 0.5), their battery weapons score. Not deeply, but enough.

Where is Admiral Izenbeg? He's decending from the positive Y direction, and has the NAC squadron in his sights. His first round of long range fire hurts Cartman, also causing the ship to vent atmosphere.

So, now what? Can Admiral Fulton swing far enough North to land a SML salvo where it counts? Can Admiral Kochte avoid being pinned between two opposing forces? Can Admiral Izenberg arrive in time to prevent Admiral Teske's squadron from being defeated in detail?

Time will tell.

Current Ship Transmissions

Chef to All Units
"You need some sweet lovin'"
Beefcake to All Units
"I'm not fat, I'm physically enhanced"
Damien to All Units
"I am the son of the Devil!"
Cartman to All Units
"You guys suck!"
Pip to All Units
"What is for lunch today?"
Kenny to All Units
"mrmphml mfrm"

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