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The carnage grows. Oh, the humanity! The horror of it all!

The Teske Field reverse polarity at Admiral Kochte's fleet slams Admiral Izenberg to the wall and pins him there. Buda gets hit with 14 points of damage (including another two pulse torp hits), and winks out. Romany Star gets hammered for 31 points of damage, including 11 from little Kenny. Only that great German engineering keeps Star in the game, and maybe not for much longer.

Teske himself doesn't get clean away, as Adm. Fulton directs fire on Potemkin and Taipei. Potemkin is scratched for 1 pt., but Taipei gets hit for 6. Taipei is venting atmosphere, but is basically still combat capable.

Adm. Fulton avoids fire, and Adm. Kochte pays the price. Beefcake takes 30 points of damage from both Adm. Teske and Adm. Izenberg, and folds in on itself, and then explodes, just like a cute firework, marking the first capital ship to exit the game. Cartman also gets hit, taking 9 points of medicine, and bringing her to the brink of destruction.

Of course, the question is now what? Adm. Teske's maneuver has taken him out of the battle for the moment. Adm. Kochte himself is on the verge of a temporary disengagement, and it looks like Adm. Izenberg and Adm. Fulton are going to pass broadside to broadside. Will this give Adm. Fulton the opportunity to use her SMLs? Can Adm. Teske retune the Teske field so that it will actually work for Teske again? Can Adm. Kochte continue to hit ships with pulse torps? And finally, what will Adm. Izenberg do?

Turn 4 will be a turn to remember!

Current Ship Transmissions

Chef to All Units
"Gotta help the children!"
Beefcake to All Units
"Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!!"
Damien to All Units
"You will all die by the hand of my father!"
Cartman to All Units
"Eh, Pip sucked, anyhow. Damn little Frenchy."
Pip to All Units
"Oh dear... - *pop*"
Kenny to All Units
"frmrm mrphml mfrm!!"

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