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It appears Admiral Fulton and Admiral Kochte have gained the upper hand

All the squadrons enter tight turns, in an attempt to bring their guns to bear. Admirals Izenberg, Kochte, and Teske swing hard about, entering a tight turning circle (well, as tight as massive starships can turn.)

But Admiral Fulton is the surprise, as she swings her fleet through a ninety degree turn, and brings her forward batteries to bear against Admiral Teske. Thanais is hammered for 30 points, as atmosphere comes pouring forth. Teske's squadron responds as best it can, firing on Assenat Grange, doing light damage.

But the big story are the Salvo Missiles of the FSE squadron. Four salvoes are launched, and they find their targets, all in Admiral Izenberg's squadron. 1 homes in on Hossuk, 1 homes in on Pesht, and 2 find Romany Star.

Hossuk shrugs off her salvo, her armour saving her from crippling damage. But the armour is gone, and her insides are exposed. Pesht isn't as lucky, as her light armour collapes under the onslaught, her defences are overhwelmed and she dies in a ball of light. Romany Star also dies this turn, the missiles completing the damage of last turn.

But that's not all for the Izenberg squadron. Praha is attacked by both the Mourirez Riant squadron, and the Mephistos Mutators, based off Chef. Her defences manage to claw down one Mutator fighter, but the Teske field manifests itself again for the wrong team. The Mutators manage 3 points of damage. Mouirez Riant's squadron does 12 points. (Dice rolled: 5,6+0,3,5,6+6+5,6+5) Praha is hammered, her armour sheared away, her insides open for destruction.

It has been a bad turn for the NSL.

Admiral Kochte manages some pot shots at Hossuk and Thanais, and substantially damages Taipei. Admiral Izenberg finishes off Cartman, and does critical damage to L'assenerez Debile.

But the situation now looks bad for the NSL/ESU team. The ESU squadron has been all been battered, and the NSL squadron has been hit fairly hard. The NAC squadron has been battered as well, but the FSE has only suffered minor losses.

The Showdown continues!

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Cartman to All Units
Kenny to All Units
"fYrOmUrm mBrApShTmAlRmDf!!"

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