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We're back, after a short hiatus.

The announcer may have spoken too soon last turn.

Admiral Kochte splits his squadron up in an attempt to rejoin the fight. Admirals Fulton, Izenberg and Teske all get the same idea, and end up at point blank range, to engage in knife fighting.

The FSE squadron fires on Taltos, doing a respectable 17 points of damage; of which 3 penetrate the armour. But the NSE and the ESU get their revenge, doing a combined 51 points to Mourirez Riant, blowing her up in a nice display of fireworks. (It appears the Teske Field is a fickle thing, switching between people as whim dictates.) Noam Izenberg discovers the Teske field, as Taltos fires a full broadside into Riant's stern, and Teske rediscovers the Teske Field, as Potemkin also fires into the stern. The rest of the squadron just arrays around and pours fire in. Riant couldn't have been placed better to aid the other side...

In the shadow of the giant explosion, L'aasenerez Debile also buys it, as the 'secondary' target from Thanais and Magnitogorsk.

The Teske field also manifests itself in missile defence, as 'only' 5 of 10 missiles reach their target; Magnitogorsk. 16 points of damage are done, but she still lives, though she's heavily damaged. Potemkin also gets hit with SML fire, for 12 points.

Praha finally dies, under the attentions of Capable Du Apre Mot and the combined fighter squadrons of the NAC/FSE. However, she manages to claw down a total of five fighters during the two turn engagement, which may prove decisive when the ESU/NSL release their fighter cover.

So what's the word? Teske's squadron is heavily damaged. The Fulton squadron is relatively intact, but has lost their largest ship and, worse yet, they're out of SMLs. Izenberg's squadron is down to two ships, but one of those is a relatively undamaged Szent Istvan battledreadnaught. Kochte's squadron is undamaged, but scattered.

Keep tuned to the Showdown!

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Damien to All Units
"You will all die by the hand of my father!"
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""mrfml frfrm!""

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