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What the hell happened?

In one of the most interesting turns of the game, we watch as the fighters finally decide to mix it up. The Mutators and the Mourirez Riant squadron launch their attack on Hossuk, while the Thanais squadron and Taltos squadron attempt to intervene. Thanais and Taltos squadrons fire, and fire, and fire, and miss, only clawing down three fighters. Mutators and the Riant squadron hammer Hossuk, doing 9 points. That, plus attention from Menace and a point from Chef brings Hossuk to critical damage. (In a freak occurence, the only systems left operational are one firecon, and the repaired Class 2 battery.) However, her drives are down, and the outer boundary wall is drawing closer...

Adm. Teske's squadron is heavily damaged, but still fighting. Adm. Fulton's destroyers are targeted this time, 7 points landing on Enfonce, and 6 points on Mot. It would not normally be fatal, except for the damage to the engines, as drive plasma vents. Can Fulton bring her ships around to avoid the wall?

Fulton has once again managed to maneuver so that her ships are sitting right in the forward sights of Admiral Teske. This time, she's managed to crab over a little, so she gets to shoot back. Grange puts Taipei out of her misery, and Mot scratches Thanais for 3.

Admiral Kochte's squadron is still in the best shape, with an undamaged BDN, and a pair of lighter ships in the thick of it. Or, rather, attempting to get into the thick of it. Damien and Kenny fire at Potemkin, bringing her to critical damage. Kenny's luck holds, as fire directed at her misses.

Finally, Admiral Izenberg's squadron has been all but destroyed. Attacks from SMLs and the fighter squadrons have reduced this once proud NSE squadron to two ships; one of which is critically damage, and one of which is heading the wrong way at high speed.

We're now in the endgame, and it's going to be over, one way or another, very shortly now.

Current Ship Transmissions

Taipei to All Units
"C'mon baby, hold together..."
Chef to All Units
"Gotta help the chillun..."
Damien to All Units
"Bite Me!"
Kenny to All Units

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