FT Showdown!!

The Ultimate Steel Cage Grudge Match

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The Showdown continues, after a month hiatus.

And what a continuation it is! Adm. Fulton starts slewing left, with Adm. Teske's force right behind her. Again Teske pours fire into Fulton's squadron, and kills off the two FSE destroyers. Fulton manages to shoot back from her port aft guns, scratching Thanais and Potemkin. Then again, given the damage that both ships are facing, even a scratch is critical.

The fighter furball happens, and the squadrons of the NSL and ESU stand triumphant. There are now seven fighters free to raise carnage, or perhaps to just finally kill Kenny.

Adm. Kochte's Chef finally gets back into the fight, bearing down on the port side of Adm. Teske's squadron, while Damien and Kenny are about to do to Adm. Teske what Teske has been doing to Adm. Fulton.

Finally, we watch as Taltos and Hossuk approach the shield wall with an inevitable finality.

Current Ship Transmissions

Chef to All Units
"What are you chillen doing?"
Damien to All Units
"What the f### am I *doing*?!?"
Kenny to All Units

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