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The Ultimate Steel Cage Grudge Match

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As we come into the final stages of Showdown, we see the combat continues unabated.

Adm. Izenberg's squadron has all but removed itself from the fight at the moment. The crew of Hossuk fights desperately to bring her engines online, in an attempt to avoid a certainly fatal encounter with the shield wall. The crew of Taltos attempts to avoid a head-on collision with the wall, in an attempt to minimize the damage of impact. However, it's still going to hurt.

Thanais is finally put out of her misery, as Chef finally rejoins the battle. Thus Thanais is the second BDN to exit the game. An assist from Assenat Grange, firing from the aft port arc. Serious damage is scored on Magnitogorsk.

However, there is payback. Magnitogorsk hammers Assenat Grange, managing to take down almost every system aboard ship. Shields go down, PDAFs go off-line, batteries self-destruct. Now is not a good time to be French.

Menace accelerates up and away from the fight, her Firecons off-line. She may be the only survivor, if everybody else pounds each other into pieces.

Speaking of pounding, the fighter squadrons make their presence known by tearing into Damien. Damien can still fly, but what was a pristine CA is now a moderately damaged CA, with systems failures. In particular, the failures are concentrated in her anti-fighter defences, which is an evil portent for the future.

So now what? Both Adm. Teske's squadron and Adm. Fulton's squadron have been heavily damaged. Adm. Kochte still has a good set of ships in Chef, Damien, and Kenny. Adm. Izenberg still has the most powerful ship on the board, in Taltos, but Taltos has to survive the wall first. And finally, the fighters on the board can change things quickly, but they're running out of endurance.

The finish of the Showdown is coming up!

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