FT Showdown!!

The Ultimate Steel Cage Grudge Match

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There's pain. And then there's hitting the shield wall.

Both Hossuk and Taltos hit the wall. HARD. Hossuk folds up and blows up, spreading a nice rainbow of colour across space. Taltos survives, barely, taking 44 points of damage. It looks like the navigator will survive to be shot for bad navigating.

Thanais and Taltos Squadrons peck at Damien. Magnitogorsk pecks at Assenat Grange. Chef, Damien and Kenny peck at Magnitogorsk. There's a lot of pecking here.

Taltos is now back in the fight, but as a shadow of its former self. Thanais is not long for the world. Adm. Fulton is trying to get her ships out of Adm. Teske's gunsights, and Adm. Kochte's squadron has finally reassembled, even though its component parts are accelerating in different directions.

Fighters still exist, but they're running out of endurance, and will need to land and refuel aboard Taltos before rejoining the fight.

What happens next? We'll see.

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