FT Showdown - Biographies of the participants

The following are the biographies of the Admirals involved in viscious contest.

The United Nations Space Command would like to thank all the involved navies for transmitting the bios accordingly. Also note that these are unaltered from the transmissions received from the respective nations.

Admiral Elizabeth Ann Fulton, FSE

Commanding Officer, FSE Squadron

Graduated from the Naval Academy at Lanvéoc-Poulmic (Western Brittany) in 2164 only to receive a baptism of fire in the Third Solar War. Awarded the Légion d'Honneur Croix de Stellaire Guerre in 2173 due to her part in the Battle of the L'estomac Riions (as it is known by the FSE). Most notable for the fact she has made Admiral three times and the tendency for her to be on the spot wherever an incident occurs (the reason she has had to make Admiral three times).

Vice-Admiral Jerry G. Han, UNSC

Referee, FT Showdown

Admiral Han was born in Windsor, Ontario, NAC, in 2133. He entered the NAC armed forces in 2152, training at the NAC's Royal Military College, Kingston. He graduated in 2156, graduating 12th in a class of 200, and entered the NAC Royal Space Navy, specializing in fighters. His career continued along a normal track until 2164 when his wing (he was serving as operations officer at the time) was 'chopped' to UNSC command in an attempt to prevent mass atrocities during the Islamic Federation's Civil War. During this time he developed a strong appreciation for what the UNSC was trying to do, and he formally requested transfer later that year, the last year of transfer eligibility. Thus, he became a chameleon, so called because their colours changed from their respective nations to the White and Blue of the UN.

His original assignment with the UNSC involved fighter operations aboard the UNSC's only carrier. During this time he acquired his star navigation comets, qualifying him for starship piloting and command duties. With the outbreak of the Third Solar War, he was promoted to fighter squadron command, and won several awards for his peacekeeping and combat duties, including one ugly incident versus his old navy.

He received his Captaincy in 2169, and was transfered to starship duty, there being a shortage of qualified captains at the time. (Many of the captains in the UNSC returned to their home navies at the start of the Third Solar War.) He quickly rose through the ranks, starting with a destroyer and ending as flag captain for the UNSC Home Fleet. He received his flag in 2178, and distinguished himself by destroying a rogue Islamic Federation squadron that outmassed his squadron almost two to one when the IF squadron fired on his ships.

He is one of the last chameleons in UNSC service, and is distinguished by having both Command Pilot wings and Master Navigator Comets. He has served in his current position for six months, advising the Secretary General on naval affairs, and acting as a high level ambassador to the navies of the Earth. He is the current favourite to be selected as Chief of UNSC Operations, when Admiral Carter's term runs out in two years, though other rumours have him being placed in charge of the UNSC response to the mysterious Kra'Vak threat.

Admiral (Retired) Noam Raphael Izenberg, NSL

Commanding Officer, NSL Squadron

Part-time high performance starship racer and duelist, Admiral Izenberg is one of the few living citizens of any of the major powers to have been in active service through the totality of all three Solar Wars. He was never officially graduated from training academy on New Berlin, being pressed into emergency service aboard the shorthanded cruiser Klezmer during early skirmishes of the First Solar War, and moving on from there. His lists of decorations, honors, and demerits are all longer than most sentient's locomotive limbs. An individual with only the positive accomplishments would have quickly been a national hero and been able to rise quickly in the circles of power. An individual with only the negatives whould have been incarcerated for several lifetimes and shot twice. The roller-coaster that was his 50 year Naval career saw Izenberg serve aboard no less than 40 separate ships, 16 of those in command rank. Three of his commands were lost in combat, 3 due to punitive action, and 7 were changed due to promotion. The remaining changes of command are most likely due to the volatile politics that have followed the admiral almost everywhere he goes within NSL command. He is the only officer on any record to sit in three different command chairs and two brigs (of his own fleet) within the same week.

The highs and lows of his career have made him known, at different times, as 'Iron Hill', 'Iron Heart', and 'Iron Head'. He has been a favorite interview for the interstellar newsgathering organizations, as he can almost always be counted on to make comments that require immediate retraction, elaboration, or armed response.

Adm. Izenberg is only recently retired, and has delved into his racing and dueling hobbies in earnest. Psychometric evaluations are green, but subtext analysis hints at submerged self-destructive tendencies born of long years of combat, politics, intrigue, and fatigue. Rumors that he may be re-activated to assist against the Kra'Vak threat are greeted with equal parts enthusiasm and trepidation.

Adm. Izenberg also holds the dubious distinction of having been the only commander on record hit in combat by 7 P-torps from ships under the command of Adm. Mark 'Indy' Kochte (and have those hits do considerable damage). Despite this, Adm. Izenberg's forces prevailed and won the encounter, though no one can really say why. Both NSL and NAC are lucky it was just a wargame.

Admiral Mark 'Indy' Kochte, NAC

Commanding Officer, NAC Squadron

[NOTE: Due to transmission difficulties, we are unable to get the official service record of Admiral Kochte. What follows is merely what the UNSC has collected, and by no means has the official sanction of the NAC Royal Space Navy.]

Admiral Kochte has served the NAC with distinction over a thirty year career, culminating in his current position as CO, Task Force 56. His hobbies in the service are legendary, being the only Flag Officer with a talent and desire to mountain climb.

Just as legendary is his inability to hit one of the mainstay weapons of the NAC, the pulse torpedo. Normally, this would scuttle ones' career quickly; but the weapons he can use, he uses with style and panache, earning the respect of his friends and the wariness of his enemies.

One of his greatest contributions to the service was the creation of the Alternative Tactics programme at NAC Sandhurst, examining the use of different technologies and the changes in tactics that result. In particular, he was a pioneer in the examination of heavy beam weaponry (or the "red beam o'death"), and the resulting change in tactics that would result. He has also served under the Third Space Lord, Bureau of Ships, examining new and updating old technologies.

Admiral Aaron Teske, ESU

Commanding Officer, ESU Squadron

Adm. Teske's history before joining the VKF is unknown, but he has proved himself in several battles, rising though the ranks quite rapidly. Many of his victories were, in fact, fairly bloodless for the VKF due to a tendancy of ships under his command to drill holes through the enemy -- something that has helped his rise, but also raised questions of just how he does it.

The men under his command are doing extra simulations and live-fire exercises, but other units have tried the same drills with only marginal success. Some crew members have brought forth the notion that Adm. Teske is somehow controlling his crew, enhancing their actions through the use of some "all-powerful Force", but this theory was later discounted when the crew brought forth their 'proof': ancient science fiction books. Still, his talent remains a mystery, though it remains to be seen whether it will carry itself over into this simulation.

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