FT Showdown!!

The Ultimate Steel Cage Grudge Match

It started as a harmless series of posts on the GZG-L mailing list. It has turned into viscious bloody combat. Only one team can survive the FT Showdown.

We present Mark 'Indy' Kochte and Beth Fulton versus Aaron Teske and Noam Izenberg. Mark will be flying the NAC squadron, Beth will be flying the FSE squadron, Aaron will be flying the ESU fleet, and Noam will be flying the NSL squadron. Refereeing is Vice-Admiral Jerry Han, of the UN Space Command.

The map is bordered with a solid force field. Any ship attempting to leave the playing area will be converted into its constituent atoms faster then you can say Ouch! The ultimate steel cage boundary; WWF and WCW, eat your hearts out!!

This grudge match is sponsored by the Schneider Collective, makers of the infamous Weenie Gun (tm). Get yours today! It's also sponsored by Strike Wing Enterprises, "Makers of all sorts of useless stuff".

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It's OVER.

The Showdown finally ends as Adm. Izenberg's Taltos finally falls under a fury of battery fire from Appel Ce Une Menance, Chef, and Kenny. However, Taltos does not die alone.

Assenat Grange hits the wall, hard. Given her grievously damaged state, she explodes like a overripe beefsteak tomato hitting the ground after being thrown from the top of the Empire State Building back on Earth.

And Kenny. Poor, sweet, Kenny. Kenny learns what happens when a DD goes head to head against a BDN. Kenny had his guts blasted all over space. Taltos killed Kenny. Thus, all is now right again with the Universe.

So, the Showdown is over. All the proud squadrons which started this battle have been damaged. Adm. Kochte's squadron remains in the best condition, and is the only Admiral to have his flagship left. Adm. Fulton claims one badly damaged light cruiser. And we know the tale of woe that Adm. Izenberg and Teske have.

So what does this prove? Absolutely nothing, except that it appears the mystical effects of the Teske Field and the Kochte Field aren't transferable. Here's to hoping that one day, we'll be able to see a replay of Showdown in real life.

Thanks to everybody who kept track of the Showdown; I hope you enjoyed watching the battle.

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