Mike Miserendino wrote at sometime in the past:
> Christopher Weuve wrote:
> >At any significant fraction of c, hydrogen atoms begin to look dangerous...
> Including a frozen oscar meyer weiner.  ;);)

Forgive me for what I'm about to do (8-):

System: THE WEENIE GUN (tm)

THE WEENIE GUN (tm) was a desperate attempt by the Schneider collective to 
defend its colonies against the SauerKraut Invasion of 2345.  Ship building 
by the collective was difficult, as its colonies worlds were mineral poor, 
organic rich farm worlds.  In particular, extremely hard alloys were difficult 
to manufacture, placing penalties on their railgun weapon technology.   

However, somebody made the observation, their name lost forever to history,  
that it didn't matter WHAT you fired, anything that you could chuck at a 
good fraction of c would do some sort of harm.  Thus, taking advantage of 
their large livestock selection, the Schneider Scientists invented THE WEENIE
 GUN.  (tm)

THE WEENIE GUN (tm) launched specially prepared sausages at their enemies at
high relativistic velocities.  At first, the SauerKraut laughed at such a 
weapon, until their flagship was destroyed by two Oscar Meyer hot dogs and 
a chunk of Polish Kolbassa.  

Today, we know little about THE WEENIE GUN (tm).  The Schneider collective
dropped the technology, after the conclusion of the SauerKraut War, and
all examples and designs have been lost to the dustbin.

Mass: 5 + size of weenie
Cost: 12+ 2*size of weenie

Symbol:  Hot Dog Bun  Place two dogs in bun if jumbo WEENIE GUN. (tm)

WEENIE GUNS (tm) come in two sizes - regular and jumbo.  A regular WEENIE GUN,
(tm) does 1d6 damage, the total shown on the die.  A jumbo WEENIE GUN (tm) 
does 2d6 damage.  A jumbo WEENIE GUN (tm) is size two for mass and cost
calculations.  A regular WEENIE GUN (tm) has a range of 12" and hits on a 
5 or 6 - a jumbo has double this range.

If the ship has an operating ADAF/PDAF system, they may attempt to shoot down
the weenie.  Roll a five or six.  Shields have some effect (they cook the
sausage as it passes through the field), reducing the damage score by three
for regular weenies, and six for jumbo weenies.  (The cooked sausage doesn't
splatter, and thus the impact is concentrated on one spot.  This may sound 
good, except cooked weenies also tend to bounce.)

I'll stop now.  (Need More Sleep!  (8-) )


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