• Friday Morning: February 21st, 2014 - 7pm to 11pm
  • Saturday Morning: February 22nd, 2014 - 9am to 1pm
  • Saturday Afternoon: February 22nd, 2014 - 2pm to 6pm
  • Saturday Evening: February 22nd, 2014 - 7pm to 11pm
  • Sunday Morning: February 23rd, 2014 - 9am to 1pm

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Friday Evening
(7pm - 11pm)
Ayirn Patrol Dance of the Lotus Blossoms Open Gaming A New Hope Welcome to Night Vale Open Gaming
Saturday Morning
(9am - 1pm)
The Hunt Open Gaming Scratchbuild Workshop Other Side of Justice Retrieval Mission Open Gaming
Saturday Afternoon
(2pm - 6pm)
Open Gaming The Quest for Gold New Lagos Falls Close Action: Strachan Finds Allemand "Crumbs that fall from their masters' table" Open Gaming
Saturday Evening
(7pm - 11pm)
Open Gaming Open Gaming The Net is Cast NUTS! Erster Kontakt: 1944 Mars Needs Women 3
Sunday Morning
(9am - 1pm)
Super Mega Hyper Mecha Smackdown! (Lite) Open Gaming Black Tuesday Horrible Not-Really-Blue-at-all Creatures from the Far Cosmos The Lost Patrol Recon in Force

Friday Evening

TABLE 1Ayirn Patrol
SystemCustom rules (based on FASA Starship Tactical Combat Simulator)
Game MasterRon Walls
Players7 playersComplexity
A Federation convoy of two destroyers and four freighters is ambushed by three Klingon vessels during a commerce raid across the Neutral Zone near Ayirn.

TABLE 2Dance of the Lotus Blossoms
SystemSMITE (Starship Manual for Interstellar Tactical Engagements)
Game MasterMark Kochte
Players4 playersComplexityFamiliarity with Full Thrust helpful
Year: 2159. The war between the Vor'Tai and the Humans and Paxx has been raging for nearly 5 years. In 2157 the Vor'Tai had invaded the Chinese Democratic colony moon of Huanglin ("yellow woods") and completely took over the settlements. While humans still lived on the world, all communication to the outside universe had been cut off by the ruthless Vor'Tai. The Chinese Democracy wants their moon back, and assembled a task force with which to wrest it from control of the Vor'Tai. Centered on the armed Lotus Blossom troop transports, it was to be a surprise strike that would catch the Vor'Tai off-balance. Only... there was a Vor'Tai fleet in orbit about the moon when the Chinese ships arrived...

TABLE 3Open Gaming

TABLE 4A New Hope
Game MasterStuart Murray
Players2 - 4 playersComplexity
"Master, the refinery has been secured"
"Have you ray-shelded it?"
"Yes Master"
"Do you have enough Droids?"
"Yes Master, the Jedi stand no chance of taking this refinery back"
"Good, make sure it stays that way"

Meanwhile... ..."Are we ready Captain?" "Just give the word Sir, and the refinery will be ours"

TABLE 5Welcome to Night Vale
SystemFMA Skirmish
Game MasterJerry Acord
Players6 playersComplexity
It's A Prairie Home Companion meets Twin Peaks meets Cthulhu. Join the Eternal Scouts, the Sheriff’s Secret Police, A Vague, Yet Menacing Government Agency, the Bowling Alley Militia, and Strex Corp in their quest for the weird, the unknown, things man was not meant to know, and things man was meant to discover but then forget.

TABLE 6Open Gaming

Saturday Morning

TABLE 1The Hunt
SystemCustom rules (based on FASA Starship Tactical Combat Simulator)
Game MasterRon Walls
Players6 playersComplexity
A Klingon task force of four cruisers hunts two Romulan intruders hiding in an asteroid belt near the Neutral Zone.

TABLE 2Open Gaming

TABLE 3Scratchbuild Workshop
Game MasterKen Wang
PlayersNo LimitComplexity
Open Scratchbuild Workshop, Game, and Contest. You make it, you take it home! I'll bring the parts, you bring your imagination. Afterwards, we'll put your creation thru its paces in an air racing styled game using the Full Thrust ruleset. Then you can enter your creation in the scratchbuild contest for prizes.

TABLE 4Other Side of Justice
SystemGruntz 15mm
Game MasterMark Kinsey
Players6 playersComplexity
The Refugee situation on Dejima Island has still not been resolved and tensions have once again reached a critical point. The counter-cyberterrorist organization Public Security Section 9, ESWAT, Insurgents and the Japanese Self Defense Force are all present with their own agendas. At the bridge to the mainland Cyborgs, Mecha, and Think-Tanks fight for the future of Japan.

TABLE 5Retrieval Mission
SystemSpace Hulk 1st Edition
Game MasterJeff Aubert
Players6 playersComplexity
Up to 4 Terminator squads are sent on a retrieval mission to download vital data from the Hulk's computers. It's a simple mission - get in, download the data and get out alive... 1st edition rules, including the infamous timer for the Marine players will be used on a 3D, multi-level board.

TABLE 6Open Gaming

Saturday Afternoon

TABLE 1Open Gaming

TABLE 2The Quest for Gold
SystemFull Thrust - vector movement
Game MasterJon Davis
Players2 - 8 playersComplexityIntermediate
The Venus Mining Corporation (VMC) in its unrelenting quest for material wealth and power has covertly been exploring the asteroid belt for lucrative mineral deposits. Their outpost was located by a Belter prospector and grave diplomatic repercussions have erupted in the United Nations council rooms on Earth. With diplomacy at an impasse, the Belters have declared war and have dispatched a fleet to eliminate the VMC presence in the belt.

TABLE 3New Lagos Falls
SystemFull Thrust
Game MasterTom McCarthy
Players2 - 10 playersComplexity
UNSC ships attempting to evacuate a planet while under attack by NAC forces.

TABLE 4Close Action:Strachan Finds Allemand
SystemClose Action
Game MasterChris DeBoe
Players8 playersComplexityIntroductory
In autumn 1805--just before Trafalgar--Captain Zacharie Allemand's squadron cruised the eastern Atlantic, doing enormous damage to British commerce and avoiding Royal Navy forces so successfully that the British called them "the Invisible Squadron". Sir Richard Strachan was sent to hunt down the French ships; on October 15 he spotted Allemand's lights but never saw the ships, and the Invisible Squadron slipped away again.

This scenario postulates that Strachan was able to make contact. Four veteran British ships of the line face five French ships, including the 120 gun Majesteux.

Rules are Mark Campbell's Close Action, which is similar to Wooden Ships and Iron Men.

TABLE 5"Crumbs that fall from their masters' table"
SystemHammers Slammers
Game MasterStuart Murray
Players4 - 6 playersComplexity
Twas a long, hot summer, made hotter by the fires of War. The off-world mercenaries in their behemoth tanks had finally won Peace, it was our turn to make that Peace last. Peace did not last. The second time round the coffers were near empty, new taxes were levied fast. The second wave of off-worlders were cheaper, leaner and perhaps less effective fighting forces. Winning the Peace was going to be harder this time...

TABLE 6Open Gaming

Saturday Evening

TABLE 1Open Gaming

TABLE 2Open Gaming

TABLE 3The Net Is Cast
SystemFull Thrust: Star Wars Variant
Game MasterCarl Scheu
Imperial Forces use an Interdictor Cruiser to intercept and a Rebel Supply Fleet. Puny rebels cannot hope to escape a Star Destroyer Flotilla or can they?

SystemOgre Miniatures
Game MasterRichard Meaden
Players2 - 6 playersComplexity
On the battlefields of the future, armored warfare is faster and deadlier than ever. Hovercraft, tanks and powered infantry slug it out with tactical nukes. But the most feared weapon of all needs no human guidance. It's the giant cybernetic tank called the Ogre. After years of continuous warfare across Western Europe, the armies of the North American Combine are being forced off the continent. This scenario represents a breakout of a Combine force after it becomes separated and surrounded after a Paneuropean onslaught on the front lines.

TABLE 5Erster Kontakt: 1944
SystemBolt Action
Game MasterAaron Newman
Players4 - 6 playersComplexity
The Allied breakout and advance following D-day was even swifter than expected, while Russian forces steadily advanced on the Eastern Front after obliterating Army Group Center. By the end of 1944, it was clear the Reich would need a miracle to turn the tide of the war. In December of 1944, they received one. At first believed to be the crash side of a new Allied bomber or secret weapon, initial reconnaissance quickly revealed this to be something different, a craft of size and technological capability far exceeding that of either German, or Allied science. The Abnenerbe immediately ordered an elite detachment of panzergrenadiers and sturmpioniers to the crash site. Their orders: secure the Outsider craft, capture key members of its crew, and provide Germany with the wunderwaffe it needed to win the war.

TABLE 6Mars Needs Women 3
SystemModified SG2
Game MasterSteve Barosi & Martin Connell
Players6 playersComplexity
Mars is the god of war, but the ancient red planet continues to be the planet of Love! SEE the British Empire's finest battle the warriors of Mars! THRILL as women take unimaginable risks to be rescued! SHOCK as both sides give no quarter so that THEIR species gains dominance! Mars Needs Women 3! in CinemaScope and Technicolor.

Sunday Morning

TABLE 1Super Mega Hyper Mecha Smackdown! (Lite)
SystemModified Full Thrust
Game MasterSteve Barosi & Martin Connell
Players8 playersComplexityModerate experience
Giant transforming Mecha in deadly arena combat return with enhancements from the Mecha pilots themselves! Flying kicks and in game Mecha mods have been sanctioned by the Mecha Combat Federation! Last chance to play before the game goes on hiatus! Players under 16 must be accompanied by parent.

For more info:

TABLE 2Open Gaming

TABLE 3Black Tuesday
SystemCheck Your 6
Game MasterDamond Walker
Players6 playersComplexity
A two part event. Each scenario will be limited to two hours.

In the first scenario a flight of Mig-15s must fight their way through a screen of defending Sabres. The outcome of this fight will modify the second scenario.

In the second scenario a flight of Mig-15s must stop multiple B-29s from reaching their target. Of course they'll also have to contend with a number of Sabres. Additional assets will be made available based on the outcome of the first scenario.

TABLE 4Horrible Not-Really-Blue-at-all Creatures from the Far Cosmos
SystemAwful Green Things from Outer Space boardgame rules, modified for table top play with miniatures
Game MasterJohn Lerchey
Players2 - 6 playersComplexityNo rules knowledge or background required - novices welcome
The multi-racial crew of the exploration ship ZnoomFarz discovering strange new world, strange old worlds, and making new friends. But Something Bad (tm) happened. That shiny rock sample they gathered was no rock. Now the ship is infested with monsters and the crew must fight for their lives!

TABLE 5The Lost Patrol
SystemForce on Force with mods
Game MasterMark Kochte
Players4 - 6 playersComplexityFamiliarity with AAG games/Force on Force preferred
Korangal Valley, the 'Valley of Death', as some members of the US Armed Forces referred to it. It was a haven for Al Qaeda and the Taliban, who were secreted away in the mountains all around Combat Outpost Korangal. Between them and the locals, who were hostile to the US 'invaders', it as an understatement that the US forces were having a difficult time of it in the valley. A number of soldiers had lost their lives in ambushes or all-out attacks on the outpost, observation posts, or other firebases.

In the chilly pre-dawn hours of October 31, 2007, Third Squad of Third Platoon, Battle Company, was sent out to reconnoiter the village of Darbart, half a kilometer away, after Army Intel deciphered radio traffic that indicated the Taliban were quietly gathering forces for a major attack on Outpost Dallas. Rumor had it that one of the higher ranked Taliban, Abu Ikhlas, a renown Egyptian commander, was also there. Shortly before Third Squad made contact with the village they were ambushed and contact with the squad was completely lost within minutes.

Battle Company commander Captain Daniel Kearney quickly released First and Second Squads to go out and rescue their platoon-mates. As the two squads drew within sight of the village, the radio suddenly came to life with frantic calls for help. The outpost was being attacked. No, actually, it was being overrun. Contact was then lost with the base.

Moments later First and Second Squads come under Taliban fire.

TABLE 6Recon in Force
SystemOgre Miniatures
Game MasterRichard Meaden
Players2 - 6 playersComplexity
On the battlefields of the future, armored warfare is faster and deadlier than ever. Hovercraft, tanks and powered infantry slug it out with tactical nukes. But the most feared weapon of all needs no human guidance. It's the giant cybernetic tank called the Ogre.

In this scenario, a high-speed force has swept past the defenses during a daring assault from the sea. Striking inland, the attackers attempt to smash as much of the local infrastructure as they dare before the defenders can organize and strike back.

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