• Friday Morning: March 23rd, 2018 - 7pm to 11pm
  • Saturday Morning: March 24th, 2018 - 9am to 1pm
  • Saturday Afternoon: March 24th 2018 - 2pm to 6pm
  • Saturday Evening: March 24th, 2018 - 7pm to 11pm
  • Sunday Morning: March 25th, 2018 - 9am to 1pm

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Friday Evening
(7pm - 11pm)
Battle of Ranaxa Rite of Succession When Spacewarps Collide The Waiting Is The Hardest When Giant Monsters Attack Desperation in Desperation
Saturday Morning
(9am - 1pm)
Convoy Raid Bad Blood Western Bounty Hunt/Mashup in Montana Foo Fighter Found Outpost Sovereignty They Come to Desperation
Saturday Afternoon
(2pm - 6pm)
Open Gaming Estrell Academy Convoy Attack Training The Good Shepherd Terminator: Machina In Terminus No Rest for the Weary Fallout: Minutemen on the March
Saturday Evening
(7pm - 11pm)
United We Stand Open Gaming Operation Red Bear Operation Gundam War Actually Changes Quite a Bit The Day of the Collective
Sunday Morning
(9am - 1pm)
Wingman Smash Johnny Cab Classic: 2085 Open Gaming Heated Rivalry Open Gaming Open Gaming

Special Events

Friday Evening

TABLE 1Battle of Ranaxa
Game MasterMark Kochte
Players2-6 playersComplexityBasic; familiarity with ESCOM or Full Thrust helpful
In 2314 the Novaya Rossiya introduced their Admiral Paravani-class battlecruisers, at which point the fortunes of war started to turn against the North American Confederation and its allies. The NAC pushed hard at developing a ship that could take on, and defeat, the NR battlecruisers. The Antares-class battleships were supposed to be the answer to the war woes of the NAC. However, construction issues and cost overruns with the new weapons technology that the Antares were to be outfitted with caused a serious delay in getting them out to oppose the NR. Meanwhile, the NR learned that this new ship class, and where the first two were being constructed. If they could get to the construction yards and destroy the two Antares' before they could be brought into the war, the NAC will ultimately sue for piece. Unbeknownst to the NR, the Antares' were further along than the NR were led to believe.

TABLE 2Rite of Succession
SystemFull Thrust
Game MasterKen Wang
Players4 - 6 playersComplexityIntroductory
"Arrrgh! Ye represent yor pirate clan. The Pirate King was ambushed by the law; and now we must choose a new Pirate King. Now ya scallywags, which one of yor clans be strong enough to take the Kingship? Ye thinks ye be strong enough? Bring yorselves and yor second to the Veil Noir system and ye can settle the score in accordance to the Pirate Codex! Last one standing be King."

Each Captain will place their name in a hat. Each Captain will draw a name from the hat. The name drawn will be their primary target. If the Captain defeats his primary target, he then takes over the defeated Captain's primary target until there is only one. If you happen to draw your own name then you are free to target anyone. Any ship that comes within 6 inches of you, exhibits "hostile intent"; and you are free to fire in self defense. Also, anticipate terrain surprises.

Note: All battleships and heavy cruisers will have same hull design, but the weapons systems have been modularized. Choose your weapon module to match your playing style and see if you can take the title of Pirate King! Oh, and come prepared with a clever pirate clan name.

TABLE 3When Spacewarps Collide
Game MasterPaul Meyer
Players2-8 playersComplexityIntroductory
Space Battleship Yamato and her consorts warp into a contested sector just as a powerful Gamilon squadron arrives via their own spacewarp. Can you survive the resulting chaos and lead your ships to victory?

This is a basic scenario that will illustrate game mechanics, ship systems, and effective tactics, so new players are especially welcome.

Rules, a heavily modified version of TSR’s venerable KNIGHTHAWKS, will be taught. Young players welcome with a playing adult.

As always -- Big ships, big explosions, big fun.

TABLE 4The Waiting Is The Hardest
SystemHammer's Slammers Crucible
Game MasterStuart Murray
Players2-6 playersComplexity
"It's confirmed, positive ID of a column of Slammers inbound. Intel estimates 10 minutes until they reach the outer contact envelope."

"Roger that, mobilize all call signs, mount up and initiate plan Bravo. Get the Wolverines on the horn and let them know too."

The response was lost in the whine of turbines as the first Dragoon elements slid out of their revetments heading to war...

TABLE 5When Giant Monsters Attack
SystemDestroy All Monsters
Game MasterCarl Scheu
Players2-12 playersComplexityIntroductory
Come play in this battle Royal where each player gets to play a Kaiju like monster, as they vie to be the last monster standings. Knock down buildings launch acidic spittle at your foes, and stomp on any puny humans foolish enough to get in your way. Game is based on Home rules originally written by John Crimmins, rules are easily taught. Come play this pulp-game of giant monsters, killing each other and destroying a city and the Puny humans attempting to defend their city. Uses the original Destroy All Monsters rules.
(Note: John Crimmins was an early attendee of GZG)

TABLE 6Desperation in Desperation
SystemAll Quiet on the Martian Front
Game MasterDave Hornung
Players2-6 playersComplexity
Can the army hold the Martians outside of Desperation, New Mexico?

Those pesky Martians are back, landing cylinders in No Parking Zones, Starting Fires, Eating people and making real estate prices crater.

Can they be stopped, can the nation be saved from ruin, do humans really taste good with ketchup and can the planet be safe for real estate agents. The world is waiting to find out.

For those of you who remember last year's game Don Rempinski actually bought the D10s he used in that game so this one should be more even. It was a waste I would have grub staked him at the casino!

Saturday Morning

TABLE 1Convoy Raid
SystemFull Thrust
Game MasterDavid Skelley
Players2 - 6 playersComplexity
ESU and NSL forces have been contesting this sector for months. They have successfully been attacking each other's suppy lines. Faced with shortages of supplies they have grown desperate and have chosen to raid and capture neutral supply convoys. Unfortunately they have chosen the same convoy to raid. Double unfortunately it belongs to the Ming Association ....

TABLE 2Bad Blood
SystemFull Thrust
Game MasterKen Wang
Players2 - 6 playersComplexity
The FSE have some differences with their 'allies', the ESU, and decide to force a skirmish to make a point. The ESU sends a 'show of force' fleet with the intent of making the FSE chill out.

TABLE 3Western Bounty Hunt/Mashup in Montana
SystemOsprey's Dracula's America
Game MasterJeff Aubert
Players4 - 5 playersComplexity
Them zombies been gettin' pretty pesky lately. Turns out that some sorta magician been makin' em and settin them loose all over the territory. The Governor put out a $1000 reward for whoever stops this guy. Your posse (and several allies/competitors as well) have all tracked the magician and his henchmen to an old, dirty shack in the Montana foothills territory, near an old Indian burial ground. Winter is coming and you can see a storm on the horizon, so you'd best flush him out quick. You've got sixguns, rifles, shotguns and even some dynamite if need be... the bounty don't pay different for dead or alive...

For more information:

TABLE 4Foo Fighter Found
SystemPulp Alley
Game MasterScott Howland
Players5 playersComplexity
A downed UFO has been captured by the Nazis. They have built a makeshift secret installation around the UFO, housing mysterious alien tech Nazi scientists work to unlock its secrets. The allies have discovered and are sending several teams to retrieve tech and document the site. Maybe make off with some info and even a scientist of two. Fight as the Nazis to protect their prize or act as allied Spec ops teams to gather intelligence. This is a game of 28mm alt-history pulp action.

TABLE 5Outpost Sovereignty
SystemTomorrow's War Variant
Game MasterGreg Davis
Players4-6 playersComplexity
Outpost Sovereignty is the primary supply depot supporting the Terran Marine's attempt to spread democracy and liberty to the local flora and fauna. It'd be a real shame if someone were to.... blow it up.

TABLE 6They Come to Desperation
SystemBolt Action/Gear Krieg
Game MasterDave Hornung
Players2-8 playersComplexity
A strange Ham Radio message is received in 1957 from a town called Desperation NM.

"They are Here", then the message is cut off. The dreaded Commies or something else. Units of the 2nd Walker Division are dispatched, what will they find? Desperation is near the site of the atomic bomb tests.

Saturday Afternoon

TABLE 1Open Gaming

TABLE 2Estrell Academy Convoy Attack Training
SystemFull Thrust
Game MasterJon Davis
Players2 - 6 playersComplexity
The Estrell Solar Empire prides itself with rigorous competition at its Imperial Naval Academy. Cadets are routinely tested against one another in the SIMONA starship combat simulation system and rated for future career tracks. Each player represents an Academy cadet in a Convoy attack training event.

Players will divide into two teams for this event. Two games will be conducted with each team playing the offense and defense.

The instructors have decided to give the attackers a tougher challenge for this training and have included a Spectre class gunboat as a Q ship posing as one of the heavy frieghters.

TABLE 3The Good Shepherd
Game MasterPaul Meyer
Players2 - 8 playersComplexity
Space Battleship Yamato defends an Earth Defence Force convoy under attack by Comet empire warships. The "wolves" are about to find out that some sheep have teeth!

Rules, a heavily modified version of TSR’s venerable KNIGHTHAWKS, will be taught. Young players welcome with a playing adult.

As always -- Big ships, big explosions, big fun.

TABLE 4Terminator: Machina In Terminus
SystemTerminator: Genisys
Game MasterAaron Newman
The war against the machines ends the same way it always has, with the Resistance assault on the Skynet core complex. But as waves of agents and machines travel to the past to wage war for the present, the final battle for the fate of Earth becomes ever mutable, until the planet's timeline resembles a tangled ball of string.

This game will use the Terminator: Genisys system, but its pretty simple and no experience is needed.

Warning, during this scenario paradox will be resolved real time as each episode in the franchise is completed, be aware that as a consequence, technology, mission objectives, force composition, allegiances, and other aspects of reality are subject to change.

For more information:

TABLE 5No Rest for the Weary
SystemBattletech: Alpha Strike
Game MasterMark Kocthe
Players2 - 5 playersComplexityIntroductory; familiarity with Alpha Strike or Battletech helpful, but not required
Beta Company of Motley's Marauders had had a rough time of it during the Aldebaran campaign, and were redeployed to Wasat, a somewhat off-the-beaten-track world, for rest and refitting. After two months of reconstituting the unit, Beta was basically back to fighting form. It was a hard road to recover from, getting supplies to fix the 'Mechs back up again, the pilots and the rest of Beta Company personnel healed from their various injuries, new personnel trained and integrated into the company, but it was accomplished. Soon Beta would be leaving to rejoin the rest of the Marauders.

Without warning the Marauders command center received a communication from a heretofore undetected dropship, mere hours out from landing on the planet.

"Wasat defenders, this is Star Captain Mercer, Trinary Delta of the 94th Battle Cluster of Gamma Company, Steel Viper Clan. With what do you defend this world?"

It appeared that the nightmare that the Clans brought to the Inner Sphere 15 years ago was starting all over again...

TABLE 6Fallout: Minutemen on the March
SystemStargrunt 2
Game MasterJerry and Leo Acord
Players2 - 6 playersComplexity
Join the Minutemen, protect the Commonwealth! Bloodthirsty wastelanders - vicious raiders and savage mutants - roam the Commonwealth, attacking caravans and settlements. Enlist in the Minutemen now, protect the citizenry, ensure a brighter future for you and your neighbors!

Saturday Evening

TABLE 1United We Stand
SystemFull Thrust
Game MasterTom McCarthy
Players2 - 8 playersComplexity
Humanity is badly beseiged by alien forces, and as the survivors rally, a ragtag fleet must fight a holding action against the encroaching alien Alliance.

Ships from the NAC, FSE, UNSC and NSL make a joint stand against an aggressive attack wave of Kra'vak and Sa'vasku ships.

(Players will form two teams; each player on the side will select a block of ships with blocks generally having the same value)

TABLE 2Open Gaming
TABLE 3Operation Red Bear
SystemFull Thrust
Game MasterVince Johnston
Players4-6 playersComplexity
NAC forces have been losing ground to an ESU advancement. Intel has discovered the location of an ESU repair yard fairly close to the border. NAC have dispatched the Enterprise and her task force to eliminate the facility in hopes this will halt the ESU war machine from advancing any further in to NAC territory.

TABLE 4Operation Gundam
SystemHeroic Smallgrunt
Game MasterMartin Connell and Steve Barosi
Players2 - 4 playersComplexity
Word has reached the Allied High Command that the nefarious scientists of the vile Third Reich are about to unleash a deadly new war machine that could spell the beginning of the end for Freedom and Justice. There is no time for strategy; there is no time to assemble troops. There is only time to gather together the greatest heroes WW2 has produced in the vain hope that Speed, Courage, and a lot of Luck can triumph where mighty armies cannot!

TABLE 5War Actually Changes Quite a Bit
SystemThis is Not a Test
Game MasterMark Kinsey
Players3-6 playersComplexity
Play a gang of Post-Apocalyptic characters in the Fallout Universe fighting over scarce resources. Radiation, Monsters, bleak futures... what's not to like?

TABLE 6The Day of the Collective
Game MasterStuart Murray
Players2-6 playersComplexity
UNSC CODENAME: ACADEMIC / MISSION LOCATION: ONYX-815-A "Up until two days ago the aliens we know as "The Collective" have been content to harass our shipping and destroy occasional isolated colonies. This has now changed.

In the past 72 hours "The Collective" launched an all out assault on multiple human colonies. These assaults were rapid and highly effective. In all cases, coms went down within 24 hours of initial attack. We estimate 100% probability of loss of all colonies within a further 24 hours. We anticipate that Onyx will be in the next wave of assaults.

The UNSC research station on Onyx is considered a critical asset. Your task group will immediately proceed with the UNSC Enfield Lock to Onyx and assist with evacuation of key research personal and AIs. Expect mission updates en route..."

Sunday Morning

TABLE 1Wingman Smash
SystemSilent Death
Game MasterTom McCarthy
Players4 - 10 playersComplexityIntroductory
Another Astrosmash! Each player is randomly assigned a pair of ships, and they dogfight all other players. When they've counted enough coup, they flee the map, only to return in two fresh ships and with even tougher objectives. No one is eliminated - anyone with their ship shot out from under them also returns the next turn in two fresh ships.

(Each player will fly one or two ships at a time and is free to attack and be attacked by all other players.)

TABLE 2Johnny Cab Classic: 2085
SystemAxles and Alloys - Full Thrust variant
Game MasterScott Howland
Players2 - 6 playersComplexity
Arena Car Combat set in a junkyard

TABLE 3Open Gaming

TABLE 4Heated Rivalry
SystemBattletech: Alpha Strike
Game MasterJon Davis
Players2 - 6 playersComplexityIntroductory; familiarity with Alpha Strike or Battletech helpful, but not required
It's not clear how the bitter rivalry between two mercenary Battlemech companies, the Wolverines and the Boilermakers, began. But only a misguided administrator would hire both companies in a major offensive campaign.

Once the main fighting had settled down, the two rivals arranged to meet for another brutal faceoff.

TABLE 5Open Gaming

TABLE 6Open Gaming

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