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Just a bunch of stuff collected and thrown together.

From: Michael Sarno 
Subject: Top 10 Reasons GZG-ECC III is Better than Mardi Gras

Allan Goodall wrote:

> Good luck, guys, on the ECC III convention. If you didn't hold the darned
> thing a week before I go down to New Orleans for Mardis Gras, I'd be there. I
> even have friends in Lancaster I'd like to visit...
> (Hmmm... a weekend of gaming in a northern climate at the tail end of winter,
> or a week of Mardis Gras festivities where it was in the low 30s celsius this
> week... hmmmm....)

Top 10 Reasons GZG-ECC III is Better than Mardi Gras

10. Crowd shouts "Show your PIPS!"
9. Even if you get drunk at ECC, you can read the quote board to help you
remember the previous night.
8. Sure, $8 for the buffet breakfast is a rip-off, but you'll wake up with both
7. Ability to actually punch the a-hole who has been arguing with you on the GZG
6. Indy NEVER misses with P-torps in New Orleans.
5. One of the few times to actually see authentic metal anorak.
4. Jon Tuffley's appearance replaced by models for "Biker Babes" line.
3. You can check out the last few turns of "Assault on Carter Island."
2. KR is buying the beer this year.
1. Amish Hookers*

*Yeah, I know I used that is a list last year, but it's still a good reason! 


Michael Sarno

Check out the Charlie Company Discussion Group:
Info, resources, and links for RAFM's miniatures
skirmish wargame of infantry combat in Vietnam 1965-1972

"Tradition refuses to submit to the small and
 arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen
 to be walking about."
 -G.K. Chesterton

From: Thomas Barclay of the Clan Barclay 
Subject: Life After Lancaster - They Fought Like Spartans


Just a quick note. After dodging 6 state patrol cars, 2 opp cars
(sighted along the way), enduring rain (seemingly endless) and fog
(thick and for about an hour or maybe 90 minutes of travel time), I have
(no boos or catcalls) returned safely to the True, North, Strong and
Free haven of Ottawa. :)

I had a most excellent time in Lancaster and I'd like to publicly
commend Jon Davis, Mark Kochte, Jerry Han and anyone who did labours
behind the scenes... the con was great fun and an excellent social
occaision. And getting to watch Mark prove that it doesn't matter the
number of sides on the dice, all 1's are created equal was quite

I'd also like to thank KR, Lord-King of The Duchy of GeoHex, personally
for spotting me some painted figures I needed (saved me a lot of time
and tears) and for his excellent help and advice on terrain construction
and fast painting techniques. Additionally, he demonstrated some of
these techniques when I acquired some at-Lancaster reinforcements for
the KV side. And of course, one of the most important things, he brought
us beer during the key stages of map setup Friday night and for that he
will surely get into Heaven via the express lane. The figures will
return successfully to Oregon shortly KR! :)

And, I'd be entirely remiss if I didn't thank the players in Grey Day...
they made this mass battle the bloody carnage it was and displayed
enough skill and perserverance to manage to achieve their victory
conditions (to a fair extent) on both sides. Things kept on for a long
time, and I imagine we could have played another 4 hours... but we know
pretty much how it would have worked out. I think Ted summed it up best
by saying "We aren't quiting because we're tired, we're quitting because
the FIGURES are tired of standing..." An AAR and some fiction will
eventually hit the list after me and Los recover and collaborate. (Also

Special note to the captains of the two forces: Tom Pope (who thinks I
should change my name to avoid Tom confusion... the KV Commander) and
Rick Rutherford (who has no stated opinion on my renaming....Commander
of the Human FSE/NSL force). The players (and I may miss some... I hope

"How is he?"
"He's dead."
-- The movie Top Secret

From: "Tom.McCarthy" 
Subject: GZG ECC III - My limited perspective

Looked like another fine year to me.

Friday night I was busy running FMA - Dark Agendas with Dean Maki's help.
Boba Frock, the unlucky David Raynes, Kr'rt Wasserman, and Aaron Teske all
played various extraterrestrial factions out to eliminate, abuse or eat the
humans wandering in the woods that night.  Many funny scenes ensued,
including a hiker named Weezie knocking down and wounding a slavering alien,
Lara Croft's t-shirt deflecting repeated attacks by a Xenomorph while a
bunch of university students crowded around (they thought they were making a
movie), and grey aliens probing anything they could grab ("Oh, she's worth
another probe").

Jon Tuffley had sent along some prizes (I think KR did, too), so I was able
to give out models of Buffy, Lara, Seven of Nine, Linda Hamilton ala T2, and
Felicity Shagwell.

Saturday morning Brian Bell's Maternal Instincts pitted JP Fiset, Jim Bell,
Lester Bell and myself against Aaron Newman and uh, Mike Richhie ?.  We 4
were the humans and we started to get smacked around at very long range by
the Brian's Sa'vasku, but in the final hour we started to get our licks in
and the Sa'vasku wilted away.

Saturday afternoon JP, Dean and I played some Fleet Book 2 stuff (playtest
material, really) with NAC vs. Kra'vak vs. Sa'vasku, then Bren joined us for
an abbreviated KV / SV/ FSE/ Phalon game.

Saturday night was Aaron Teske's Terror Mission.  Another FMA game, Aaron
and I had similarities and differences in our rules and the scenario allowed
the aliens to kill almost every civilian very early, but still there were
some humourous moments.  This one pitted the sectoids (Jim Bell and Mike
Muller) against X-Com (Ryan Pelkey and myself).

Sunday morning was Jim bell's Gothic Thrust scenario where Jon Davis and I
put the mighty Imperial beatdown on Rich Oden and Pat Muller.  Nasty nova
cannon hits and serious fighter furballs.

In the unofficial stuff, we played Mike Sarno's Carabunde and Nuclear War
Friday night and then some Guillotine and Trailer Park Gods on Saturday.  I
chatted with Jon, Indy, briefly with Mike Sarno and Brian Bell, and met a
lot of new people like Bren and Ryan Pelkey, David Raynes, and more.  

Most of us voted in the painting contest which, as usual, had at least 4 top
flight entries for FT and SG and 2 or 3 great entries for DS2.  Jim entered
his entire UNSC fleet and Aaron Newman had impressive Vorlons.  I missed
Eric Kochte's impressive Narns, I think, but saw his power armoured
troopers, Thomas Pope's great SG2 mini-diorama and Nick Caldwell's sharp DS2

I also saw some of "Grey Day".  I think Los and Barclay traveled to the con
and did nothing but prep and run that one game.  They had a sharp and
detailed board in a long triangular shape which peaked in a long high
stepped ravine.  The Kra'vak assaulted at the broad end and fought toward to
peak of the ravine, but couldn't get there before the con ended.

From: "Brian Bell" 
Subject: [GZGECC] Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who organized and played in the GZG-ECC.

Two weeks ago I taught my father the basics of Full Thrust (to help me
play-test my scenario). To keep things simple, I only taught him vector
movement and use of Beam and P-Torps. On the way out to the convention, he
suprised me by indicating that he intended to play in the convention. Which
was great, but I was afraid that it would be overwealming for him. My dad is
a unique individual. He is retired, somewhat hyper, and just had catarac
 surgery on one of his eyes (so he dosen't see very well at the moment).

Anyway, Friday night, he joined in my Dirtside II game, Moonbase Xi. He had
never played this and I appreciate it that all of the players helped him
with the rules and strategy. Everyone seemd to have fun.

The next morning, I ran the Full Thrust (FB) scenario, Maternal Instinct. He
was thrown a curve by being given the FSE fleet (remember, I had not taught
him about Salvo Missiles). Everyone attacked the game with great gusto (4
Human fleets ESU, FSE, NAC, NSL and 1 Sa'Vasku fleet). The game started off
with much dismay by the Human players as the Sa'Vasku launched 18 drone pods
on the first turn. Then human faces started to turn dark as they got tagged
from 80+ inches away. The game continued this way as they closed. Humans
lost corvette after corvette. Then the humans got in range and the Sa'Vasku
started to disappear. Faces began to lighten up. Then, with the help of one
of the other Human players, my dad dropped 8 salvo missile SALVOS on a
Sa'Vasku Battleship to have it evaporate.  The game ended with the Humans
carrying the day (thanks mainly to the ESU player being a damage sponge).
Everyone, again, seemed to have fun.

I went to get ready for the Grey Day scenario. My dad went to take a nap.
Later that night he told me that he layed down and was so keyed up from the
game that he couln't sleep!

He also played in the Full Thrust Beserker game and the Full Thrust King of
the Hill game. Again, nothing but good reports.

Thanks agian to everyone who made the convention WONDERFUL for my dad and

Brian Bell

From: "Bren Mayhugh" 
Subject: GZG ECC III Aftermath

The hardest part was remembering that I had a 11 hour drive back home when 
it was finished.  It's too bad that I had a ton of fun, now I have to come 
part every year (and buy a TON of miniatures).

Bren's After Convention report:

Friday: Moonbase XI

Except for the fact that Mr. Bell destroyed 3 of the 4 heavy tanks I was 
playing with some awesome rolls, it was a great game.  It's too bad that I 
lost all of my tanks early.  It was the first time I played DS II

The Pog Racing was fun even if I completely had NO skill at the game.

Saturday Morning: The Umpire Strikes Back

Really fun.  The terrain was great, the minis cool and the idea was there.  
I played the Xenos (the Aliens) and had a ton of fun escaping with the queen 
intact (after she took a plasma bolt to the back of the head - and 

Saturday Afternoon: Legacies of War

My first EFSB game.  Having only played FT/FB and not ever seeing the show, 
it was a fun and interesting change.  My only problem was the amount of 
firepower directed towards my capital ships - Hyperions,(which of course 
blew them right out of the sky).  It was a great learning experience and it 
is too bad that I can't get the book somehow to read it.

Saturday Evening: Beer Game

My first 'actual' SG II game and I really love the rules.  It's too bad that 
I lost and was forced to buy the beer for the other team!

Sunday Morning: (Watched) The Third Party Candidate

Talk about a close game.  It was fun just to watch.  The scenario was made 
so it was real close til the end.

I walked around to all the games and I liked learning about all of them.  
The ones that I wanted to get into (but didn't) was the Grey Day to Die - 
what an awesome set up. Pod racing - next year. (I have a few ideas on what 
you were talking about Mike - 11 hours gives you a bunch of time to think 
about stuff). Solar Thrust - after looking at the web page on it, I would 
have loved to play in it.

That's it.  I'll write more when I think about it.

(GZG-ECC "Rookie of the Year")

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From: Jon Davis 
Subject: [GZG ECC] My thoughts
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Impressive.  Simply impressive.

GZG-ECC III has been a very memorable gaming weekend for me and I'd 
like to publicly thank those who contributed to such a fine weekend 
of camaraderie and fun.

Thank you to our hard working organizer team, Mark and Jerry.  It's 
been a long road and we've got the e-mails to prove it.  It is even 
more impressive to think that we can pull this event off without 
meeting face-to-face each year.

Thank you to the Hotel Brunswick, whose facilities were ideal for our
type of convention.  With the open windows on the west side, we had a
lot of interested passerbys drop by for a look.

Thank you to the vendors who've supported us with their generous 
donations of prizes and presence.  It has truly added to the 
  o  Jon Tuffley of Ground Zero Games
  o  Tony Francis of Brigade Models
  o  KR of GeoHex 
  o  Erik Kochte of Corner Fortress Collectibles
  o  Bill Spring of B.R. Snasis Games
  o  John Kovalic of Dork Tower
  o  Nick and Jana Tompkins of Epicast
  o  David Dunn of DLD Productions

Thank you to all the hours our Gamemasters spend on their figures 
and terrain and playtesting.  I did a LOT of playtesting for a couple
of GMs this year! Your events are the framework for the convention.

Thank you to our volunteers who were able to help out in other ways.
Nick for the T-shirts and Ted for his setup help.

And finally, thanks to all the guys who come to play and simply
have fun on some hot, cold, or frozen and ALWAYS dangerous part of
the universe.  

The long drive home gives everyone a chance to prepare and ponder 
about next year's convention.  First, if you have any thoughts and 
suggestions or improvements, the organization team would like to hear
from you.  We can make the convention better and have done so from 
your inputs.  I have a few ideas up my sleeve too.

We will be confirming the details for next year's convention shortly
and will post it to this e-mail list.

I have heard from many of you and the ideas you're generating for 
next year's scenarios is outstanding.  For example:
  o  Pod Racing
  o  A linked Full Thrust - Dirtside - Stargrunt scenario
  o  Starcraft Dirtside
  o  Starship boarding actions
  o  FMA Paintball
  o  FMA Counterstrike and hostage rescue
  o  The long awaited payback for the Weyland-Yutani hack
  o  Aliens - Into the Atmospheric Processor

I wish I had the time to play in all of them.  It will be a blast.

I am nearing completion of the photo editing process and I will get 
the photos to Jerry for the web page when I am done.

Jon Davis

From: Michael Sarno 
Subject: Thanks to all at GZG-ECC III

    Thanks to Jon, Jerry, and Mark for all of their efforts to organize
GZG-ECC III.  I only get to about 8 cons a year, but GZG-ECC is the best
of the bunch.  Your efforts ARE appreciated.

    Thanks to Keith Watt, JP Fiset, Ted Arlauskas, Pat Muller for a
great maiden voyage of Ord Sarno Pod Racing.  It was a fun game and I'm
glad to have had such enthusiastic participation for the first
convention showing of the rules.  Thanks also for all the comments and
suggestions regarding the rules.  Thanks also to everyone who
complimented the terrain.  I wanted Ord Sarno to look good and that
set-up is about as good as my meager talents will allow.  Finally, yes,
to all who asked, I will be running Ord Sarno at GZG-ECC IV.  I'll buy
some more buildings and get some more terrain ready and see about
getting a slightly larger table.  Of course, I'll bring more debris,

    So after four hours of racing, what do I decide I want to do?  Get 7
other gaming nuts to play Carabande, or as Los put it, "Pog Racing."
Thanks to all who played.  We never did get concensus on the difference
between a "flick" and a "push," but we know a "pull" when we see it.
  Yes, again, to all who asked, I'm bringing Carabande to GZG-ECC
IV.  So Friday night will be filled with my Pod/Pog Racing double

    Saturday morning's game was a blast, as expected.  Stuart Murray's
"Umpire Strikes Back" was excellent, and I can't thank him enough for
his efforts.  Thanks to all who played in the scenario.  I particularly
enjoyed playing the marine commander and I had a fun team with Sergeants
"Boba" Frock and "Friendly Fire" Lawrence each taking a squad.  Thanks
also to Jerry Han for playing our poor cousins, the local militia.

    As a player, "Queen's Retort" was a highlight.  Keith Watt's rules
for fuel consumption are excellent.  The ship designs and background are
great.  If you value my opinion at all (I know at least half the list
has already stopped reading. ) you have to play Solar Thrust.  It's a
great deal of fun, and is highly believable.  Sorry, Jon, I would have
liked to link up with you, but with a Jovian juggernaut on my 6, I
didn't have any choice.  Congrats, Aaron for the win.  Not to take
anything away, but it was only by one point.  Still, it was one more
point than any one else was able to squeeze out of Keith's diabolical
victory conditions.

    What can I say about the "Beer (aka Cheese) Game"?  We had 10 guys
playing and about 15 different interpretations of the rules.  However,
after the game, we were all still friends and went out for beer,
mozarella sticks, and cheese fries.  As predicted, KR bought the beer.
But I bought the cheese! 

    "King of the Mountain" was a huge success thanks to Brian "Baby"
Bell and his minis.  4 of the 5 fleets in this "bring your own fleet"
competition were provided by Brian.  It makes me wonder why he finished
third.   At any rate, JP Fiset, Lester Bell, Brian Bell, Dean Maki,
and Bryon Gordon helped me finish ECC in style with a spirited
competition that saw everything from Bryon's transfer craft being
abandoned in-system to Dean's core breach in the second to the last
turn.  "Spite" was the word of the day as retreating ships fired upon
the space station to keep it out of the hands of JP.  Thanks to all five
of you for one of the most fun FT games I've seen, as well as my first
chance to run a FT convention game that actually had people bother to
show up! 
    Again, to all who asked, I'm not sure if I'll be running KotM at
GZG-ECC IV.  I'm talking with another person about possible GMing
something together.  I'm also considering a BYOF, but with a different
set-up.  I'll be running 2-3 games at GZG-ECC IV, not counting the
unofficial ones.  Ord Sarno is one of them, KotM may or may not be.  But
thanks for all of the interest in my games.

    Thanks again to everybody at the con.  It was the best weekend of
gaming I've had since GZG-ECC II and probably the best I'll have until
GZG-ECC IV.  Maybe the guys at Mardi Gras have a better time, I don't
know.  It's hard imagine a better time than I had in Lancaster.  OK,
maybe it's not so hard to imagine, but with ECC at least, I don't have
to worry about my wife seeing the pictures. 


Michael Sarno

Check out the Charlie Company Discussion Group:
Info, resources, and links for RAFM's miniatures
skirmish wargame of infantry combat in Vietnam 1965-1972

"Tradition refuses to submit to the small and
 arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen
 to be walking about."
 -G.K. Chesterton

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