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GZG -- ECC III Auction

This year, we're going to be trying something new and offering a flea market/auction. This is for people who are going to attend GZG--ECC III.

The idea is to allow GZG-ECC III attendees to sell off some of that old stuff that's been lying about.

The auction is tentatively scheduled for the dinner hour (6pm) on Saturday.

Any questions and item submissions can be sent to Jerry Han (jhan@warpfish.com)

Note: If response is really low, we'll just set it up as a plain old flea market/garage sale, where you can just sell your stuff.

To Submit an Item

  1. The person selling an item must be registered for GZG--ECC III.
  2. Items submitted can have their description and a picture posted on the GZG--ECC III website. Items can also be submitted at GZG--ECC III itself.
  3. Items will no longer be accepted after 2pm on Saturday of GZG--ECC III.
  4. All proceeds from the sale are kept by the person selling the item.
  5. A final list of items will be prepared at 2pm on Saturday.
  6. Minimum bid will be selected by the seller; please be reasonable.

To Bid on an Item

  1. A person must be registered for GZG--ECC III in order to bid on an item.
  2. Bids on items will be accepted at GZG--ECC III, or starting February 1st for items on the website.
  3. No more bids will be allowed after 5:45pm on Saturday.
  4. If an item has one bid, it is sold to the person making the bid for that price.
  5. If an item has zero, or more than two bids, it will be put up for auction.
  6. The starting price will be the minimum price, or the highest current written bid, whichever is higher.
  7. Minimum bid increment is 25 cents.
  8. If there are no buyers, the item can either be returned to the seller, or the minimum price can be lowered, at the sellers discretion.

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