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Introduction: Jon Davis posted recently to the GZG-L Mailing List the motiviation behind the Predator characters he ran during Stuart Murray's The Umpire Strikes Back event.

In it, he stated:

Predators have a total of Seven Descriptions of Life


4. Cha

"Honored prey"  They must be capable of sending us to the Deity.
And this was the result. Enjoy!

"We didn't expect them to be able to send us to the Deity, but
it appears in retrospect that our estimates were slightly

"Hey!  That's the Deity!  How did that happen?!?"
(with respects to Wi'Sel the Never-Seen) 

Innocent Prey that provides us with hot beverages before being killed......
[Jon Tuffley]

Cha'Cha Cha
Prey that dances around our weapons [Alan E Brain]

Prey that is best when well cooked [Alan E Brain]

Prey that must be killed by a flame weapon to see the Deity 
['The Sutherlands']

Prey that must be well chewed [Alan E Brain]
(Laserlight added:
For those of you who are wondering, that's "Chattanooga" as in
"Chattanooga Choo Choo".  Narn platoon en route.)

Spi'C Na'Chas
Innocent prey sprinkled with melted cheese and jalepenos peppers.
[Jon Davis]

A way for prey to learn the finer points of existence
[Mark Sykes]

Cha'P'Suey - Prey which seems filling at the time, but leaves one hungry for 
more prey within a short time.
[Brian Bilderback]

Prey dispatched in an especially satisfying manner: Cha'Ching
Prey emitting a strong scent: Cha'Nel'Fi'Yiv
Prey moving the feet and body rhythmicly: Cha'Cha
Prey which attacks only after one of its fellows has been
dispatched: A'Ven'Cha
Comically clumsy prey: Cha'Lee'Cha'Plin


But'Cha - (vb) to send prey to the deity
Lun'Cha'Or - the short period around midday when hunters can stop sending prey
to the deity and eat the ritual food, San'U'Ich.
Thu Tai'Ms Theh Aah A Cha'Njan - favourite war ballad of the hunters
Foo'Cha - the legendary time when enough prey has been sent to the deity
Cha'Plin - hunter-priest who performs the rites associated with the
sending of the prey to the deity

[Tom Anderson]

Tor'Cha -- Punning your pray to death [Andrew Apter]

Cha'Lupa: Mexican prey causing severe flatulence problems. [David Raynes]

Cha':  Shreded prey that some southern KV hold between their gum and
cheek. [Jeff Miller]

Cha'dah:  a creamy soup made with milk, potatoes, and chunks of
worthy prey, preferred by northeasern KV. [Brian Bilderback]

Tee'Cha - Prey the hunting of which is a true education.
Lec'Cha - Prey that causes one to sleep
Pree'Cha - Prey that sees the Deity on a daily basis 
[Alan E Brain]
Tai'Cha - The martial art of prey capture.  [Tom Granvold]

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