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The GZG-ECC III Quote Board 2000


"Are you breaking to avoid my destroyers??" - Aaron Newman watching 4 BDNs turn sharply to port and starboard, avoiding his 2 badly beaten destroyers

"How's it going?"
"Depends on which side you're on."

"The sound of death is small plastic cubes rattling against each other" - Aaron Newman watching Stuart Murray rolling 28 dice.

"I feel like I'm playing a historical fantasy game" - Stuart Murray on the aforementioned 28 dice

"Bock, Bock, Bock...(cluck, cluck, cluck)"

"Oh, she's worth an extra probe." - David Raynes, FMA 'Dark Agendas'

"How time flies when you're smacking into immovable objects!" - Ted Arlauskas, Pod Racing

"Yeah! I missed him!" - unknown from the Pod Racing scenario

"Now how do I know if it's dangerous?" - Kr'rt

"It's just a flick!"

"That was not a flick!"

"I remember this position."

"Ah ship!"

"There's just no magic left in those fingers."

"It looks like he's launching his load."

"I have NO staying power." - Bren

"She's parrying me with her nipples" - D Raynes, FMA 'Dark Agendas'


"Be nice to me or there'll be trouble" - Stuart Murray

"I'll play xenos for beer!"

"Oh! Oh!! Oh!!!" - Jon Davis

After more of the above:
Indy: "Jon, you're a role-player in denial, aren't you?"
Jon Davis, grinning enthusiastically, "Yes!"

"Okay, you move first. Get outta my way." - Carrier Ops scenario

In Stuart's Umpire Strikes Back game:
Stuart: "Do we get an answering roar from the dinosaur? Dean?"
Stuart: "We do!"

"Looks like a lot of flashlight warfare here" - Pat Mueller, Carrier Ops scenario, after almost EVERYbody had repeatedly bad die rolls.

"I *think* they're shooting at us..?" - Ted Arlauskas's response, Carrier Ops scenario.

"The super-destroyer on...hey, he'll shoot this!" - Ted A again, pointing to the NAC carrier in front of the destroyer's nose.

"Check please!" - Pat Mueller, Carrier Ops

"Oh my God, what a bad place to park..." - Carrier Ops, after someone's ship stopped in a not-so-good spot (obviously ;-)

"It looks like he's dumping his load" - Keith Watt

"I'm thinking you want to roll a d8 and get a really high number to be even moderately scared......'3' is not it." - Tom Barclay to Indy in A Grey Day To Die

(a little later) "I need someone to roll a ten-sided die. You want high...give it to Kochte. He'll get a good number." - Tom Barclay, A Grey Day To Die

More from 'A Grey Day To Die':
Thomas: "QRC, I need a QRC -- quick, someone give me a SG2QRC!"
David: "...Huh?"
Ted: "...Uh?"
Rick: "...Wha?"

"It's better than blowing a Phalon." - Tom McCarthy, FB2 playtest session

"Okay, Kochte. Roll a d8. Do not roll a one." - Tom Barclay to Indy, after which Indy rolled...a one.

>From Keith's game "Queen's Retort":
Channing Faunce: "Do I have a nearest base?"
Mike Sarno: "Not anymore!"

"Never give an RV to a guy who rolls '1s'" - Tom Barclay, A Grey Day to Die, recounting Indy's futile attempt to avoid the Kra'Vak from placing limpit mines on his infantry walker's legs.

After Keith scritched a little paint off the side of themonstrous planet killer on turn 1 of Berserker:
Indy: "Threshold Check!"
Keith: {surprised and momentarily happy look} "....don't tease me!"

"We may have to sacrifice him later. It's no good if he dies needlessly now." - Tom McCarthy

As Indy's Berserker fires a lotta dice at one of Keith's ships:
Keith: "I see a lot of ones."
Jerry: "I see a lot of sixes."
Keith: "You pay attention to what you want, I pay attention to what I want."

Followed by Indy rolling 30 points of damage on Keith's SDN:
Indy: "That should be a threshold check."
Keith: "Shh! Morale is still high."

Back to A Grey Day To Die:
Ted A (human): "Key your radio twice if you can hear me."
Kr'rt (you-know-who): "<click...>

Purple Kra'Vak upon attempting interrogation of first human captives. After dissection and removal of skull caps: "Mmmm. Their tops are full of jelly...and their bottoms full of chocolate. Yum!" (A Grey Day)

Back to Berserker:
Mark (counting a whole lotta 4s): "Do you still have your shields?"
Channing: "Yes."
Mark (tossing 4s frustratedly aside): "&*$#!!"

Returning to A Grey Day, after Dave Raynes' fire team missed hitting the Kra'Vak squad as it close-assaulted his platoon leader's squad:
Rick: "How're you doing?"
Dave: "I just shot my CO"

"If we run out of black skulls I'll be truly horrified." - Tom B, A Grey Day

"SAW team? I didn't think we were talking about amputations anymore..." - Ted A, A Grey Day

"There's a fine line between docking and ramming."


"I didn't think we were going to be tested."

"I run a Palm Users group." - Ted Arlauskas

"Mark, it doesn't matter how many sides the die has, all 1's are the same." - Tom Barclay to Indy, before picking up with the Sunday session of A Grey Day.

"No no, they're very distinctive. [The models] look exactly the same, except one is 4mm longer." - Indy explaining the difference between NSL frigates and destroyers, Mission of Merci

"Smart ass" - Nick C, in response to above

"I feel like I'm checking the sex of a cat" - A.T.

"Oh, well look who's playing. Of course he's going to go off the map!" - Mike Sarno looking in on Mission of Merci and seeing Channing Faunce playing.

>From the King of the Mountain scenario:
"Would you liketo fire at your son, Mr Bell?"
Mr Bell: <grin>

More from A Grey Day (yes, it was still going!):
Tom P: "Because it's honorable."
Joel: "I don't care. We're French."

Indy (gesturing to the smoking K'V VTOL in the lake) : "What happened?"
Kr'rt: "I don't know. That's not my side of the board, Monkey Boy."

Follow-up comment from Kr'rt to the above: "Our air assets became sea assets."

"Ow!" - Jerry as his NSL corvette took its first point of damage, Mission of Merci

Back to A Grey Day:
Tom Pope, leader of the Kra'Vak: "We're running low on black skulls."
"We've only got 4 left."
"We have to borrow some black skulls..."

Back at Mission of Merci, the UN teammates discuss breakfast options
Keith: "Oh, there are donuts left??"
Channing: "Last one <munch!>"
Keith: "You suck."

Aaron Teske to teammate Nick C: "You're getting a 'Tuffley' up your butt again!" (Mission of Merci)

"We woulda kept playing but the figures were getting tired." - Ted Arlauskas, end of A Grey Day scenario.

I think this was from A Grey Day, also:
"I guess he's not listening to you."

Definitely from A Grey Day:
David Raynes (on saturday): "I'll give you $1.50 to stop shooting at me."
<later> "$3.50"
<later> "$7.00"
<next day> "$12.00, that's my final offer."

"You da man, Nick...now see if you can hit something." - Mission of Merci

"It's been fun trading cohesive light with you."

Dean and Jon Davis in the aftermath discussion of one of Jon's attempts to damage the enemy from the Gothic Thrust scenario by hitting his allies' ships:
Dean: "Sounds like a very Imperial thing to do: fire through your friends."
Jon: "Yeah, but not in column."

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