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GZG-ECC III - Saturday Morning Picture Gallery

February 26th, 2000

Saturday Morning

Carrier Ops
(L to R) Pat Muller, Mike Muller, Mike Richie, Keith Watt, Ted Arlauskas 84086 bytes
NAC Enterprise Battlegroup 60954 bytes
ESU Cruiser Squadron 42 63023 bytes
(L to R) Keith Watt, Pat Muller, Ted Arlauskas, Mike Muller73515 bytes
ESU Cruiser Squadron 42 attacking the NAC carriers 58947 bytes
(L to R) Pat Muller, a tired-looking Aaron Teske, Bryan Gordon 69741 bytes
Pat Muller feels the strain :-) 66523 bytes
Ted Arlauskas (B5 hat), Bill Spring (B.R.Snasis Games, looking on), Pat Muller, Channing Faunce examining with critical eye as fleets pass each other in the night 85906 bytes
Keith Watt moving fighters. Mark Kochte in Background (white shirt), Ted Arlauskas (B5 hat), Bill Spring (B.R.Snasis Games) 66929 bytes
Maternal Instincts
(Left to Right) Tom McCarthy, Jim Bell and JP Fiset strategize (86958 bytes)
(Left to Right) Aaron Newman, Brian Bell, ??, prep the aliens (78211 bytes)
The alien fleet forms up (60577 bytes)
Jim doesn't like Tom's analysis. Lester Bell joins the humans (Left to Right - Tom McCarthy, Jim Bell, Lester Bell, and JP Fiset) (77493 bytes)
Battle is joined! (66817 bytes)
The Decisive Moment (65113 bytes)
Umpire Strikes Back
Nice little world... (104376 bytes)
Lots of trees... (105006 bytes)
The press, covered by really good looking militia (108921 bytes)
The marines make their entrance (85022 bytes)
Klatu verata nicto (71927 bytes)
Welcome to Bedrock... (84567 bytes)
Coming under fire from the trees (93444 bytes)
Run away!! (76646 bytes)
Rumble in the Jungle (66035 bytes)
Marines, Militia and the Press (71778 bytes)
My God! They're coming out of the trees! (68567 bytes)
What a crazy world. (109888 bytes)
Medic! (77010 bytes)
Cha!! (77396 bytes)
Mama said don't play with nukes... (115533 bytes)
I'm the King of the Hill! (74574 bytes)
It's much easier when they're sleeping... (76243 bytes)
We're the company, and somebody busted our ride home... (91593 bytes)
What ARE those things? (75350 bytes)
Should we shoot them? (108337 bytes)
Endgame (100728 bytes)
What a wonderful world... (98140 bytes)

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