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GZG-ECC III - Saturday Afternoon Gallery

February 26th, 2000

Saturday Afternoon

B5: Armageddon
Joel and Mark maneuver their fleets 71570 bytes
Joel looking over his sheets as Mark waits for Erik (just at right edge) to give information on some ship stats 78970 bytes
The Mighty Centauri Fleet 76409 bytes
Miniatures Contest
FT entries 64000 bytes
DSII entries 44837 bytes
SG2 entries 44519 bytes
54009 bytes
65683 bytes
77013 bytes
65576 bytes
Tied First Place in FT
69460 bytes
38546 bytes
First place in DS2
30467 bytes
First Place in SG2
40866 bytes
Tied First Place in FT
31658 bytes
Tied First Place in FT
The Crowd: (L to R) Mark 'Indy' Kochte leaning over table, Erik Kochte at other end of table, Tom McCarthy, Mike Sarno, Stuart Murray, blurred Nick Caldwell, Tom Barclay, Bill Spring, Jerry Han, Lester Bell, Brian Bell, Joel, Kr'rt, Don, Tom Pope, Mark, Aaron, Rick Rutherford, Dean Maki, Brendan Mayhugh, and Ted Arlauskas 80520 bytes
30309 bytes
Second place in SG2
A Grey Day to Die (Pt. 1)
Los showing off his toys to Kr'rt Wasserman(sitting), Tom Pope(obscured) and Nick Caldwell(foreground) 109452 bytes
Valiant human defenders. Plus a player showing some leg... 76851 bytes
More of the human forces. Armed for bear, they got Kra'Vak instead. 76226 bytes
The Kra'Vak Command Section. (L to R) Nick Caldwell, Tom Pope, Kr'rt Wasserman. A headless Brian Bell looks on.86007 bytes
Tom Pope, Don, Kr'rt and Nick survey the field across which they must advance. They can smell the humans, but they can't see them.... (and Los helps to blur the foreground...) 117021 bytes
The Hu'Man Scum (L to R) Ted Arlauskus, Dave Raynes, Headless Rick Rutherford, Headless Mark 'Indy' Kochte, Tom Barclay _87366 bytes
A better picture of the Hu'Mans (L to R) Ted Arlauskus, Dave Raynes, Rick Rutherford (CO), Mark 'Indy' Kochte, Tom Barclay (referee) Los Lourenco (referee) 112649 bytes
Hu'Man War Council (L to R) Los, Ted, Rick, Stuart Murray looking on, Dave Raynes, Kieran Rohan Obscured, Tom Barclay 95369 bytes
Legacies of War
I thought only Hyperions rode in single file... (63602 bytes)
Furball! (56561 bytes)
The EA forces deploy for battle while Brendan Mayhugh looks on (66929 bytes)
The Queen's Retort
82793 bytes
64753 bytes
68036 bytes
54444 bytes
71988 bytes

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