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GZG-ECC III - Saturday Evening Gallery

February 26th, 2000

Saturday Evening

Beer Game
(L to R) JP Fiset, Stuart Murray, Bren Mayhugh, Mike Sarno, KR, Bryon Gordon 110816 bytes
(L to R) Bryon Gordon, Dean Maki, Pat Muller, Stuart Murray 102366 bytes
72117 bytes
(Left to Right) Jerry Han, Channing Faunce, Keith Watt, Lester Bell, and Mark Kochte contemplate life. (91134 bytes)
My secret pen technique will guarantee victory! (86532 bytes)
Head to head with the Berserker (80730 bytes)
Keep the formation tight... (81523 bytes)
A Grey Day to Die (Pt. 2)
KV Size 5 tanks with dual class 5 railguns smash their way (supported by assault claws and some heavy weapons teams) into athe human positions on the human left flank. Note the fleeing humans on the ground near the bottom of the picture. Note the dead and wounded on top of the hill. Note especially all the black skulls at the right about half way up in the forest - that was the location of first contact between David's NSL Luftelandesturm and the KV. KV 7, LLS 0. 97767 bytes
The human counterattack on the left of the picture counters a KV thrust up the river (see the KV on the hill?). A human walker is history. Note the downed Predator Caste KV amidst a pile of NSL bodies near the centre bottom of the picture. Ted held this flank determinedly, but the KV didn't exert most of their force on this flank... 107727 bytes
Ted moves his forces back after having counterattacked successfully. Note on the right lower part of the picture, more KV from the mountain clan (Grey heads, purple and blue kit) moving up towards the sight of the first KV-Human rumble (where David lost a squad to an ambush). Note also that strange beer-bottle shaped obelisks have appeared on the battlefield. 111201 bytes
The KV have a human two man Plasma Gun team in a bad spot. They stand amidst the wreckage of one of their three aersospace fighters (all three of which they managed to plant thanks to aggressive human air defence and alien strategy in overflight planning...). Note the ortillery crater too. And the KV GMS teams covering their big-ass tank. 108892 bytes
Severed Dreams
69600 bytes
97226 bytes
56292 bytes
Terror Mission
51823 bytes
71313 bytes
Aaron Teske, ??, Tom McCarthy (72311 bytes)
The humans overrun the indestructible alien hiding in the crates (47639 bytes)

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