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After Action Reports

Here they are -- after action reports, and photos from GZG-ECC V.

Miniatures Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Contest Winners!

FT First Place: Jim Bell
FT Second Place: Aaron Newman
FT Third Place: John Crimmins
DSII First Place: Rick Rutherford
DSII Second Place: Martin Connell
DSII Third Place: Brian Bell
SGII-15mm First Place: Rick Rutherford
SGII-15mm Second Place: Rich Rutherford
SGII-15mm Third Place: Chris Deboe
SGII-25mm First Place: Adrian Johnson
SGII-25mm Second Place: Aaron Newman
SGII-25mm Third Place: John Crimmins

Text Reports

Photo Gallery

Thanks to Jon Davis, and David Raynes for contributing pictures. I know there are no captions yet -- we'll add those as time permits (and as people complain. (8-) ) And, the pictures are big, so, be warned...

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