Feb 24-26,2006
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GZG-ECC 9 Miniatures Contest Guidelines & Rules

Note: There are changes from previous years -- please read carefully.

There are 4 categories which you may submit miniatures in:

  • Full Thrust / Starship scale
  • Dirtside II / Epic scale
  • Stargrunt II / 25 mm
  • Stargrunt II / 15 mm

Contest Entry

Miniatures submitted for the contest do not have to be GZG-specific miniatures. If you have a WH40K mini you think is just absolutely killer, submit it for the 25mm Scale category. If you have a home-grown starship you use for Full Thrust that you think is just awesome, submit it for the Full Thrust/Starship category.

Any miniatures submitted for the painting contest must have been painted by you. The contest is meant for the participants of this little con. Okay, yes, this would be nigh impossible to enforce. But we are operating under the honor system here. Thanks.

You may submit upwards of two (2) entries per category (ie, you can potentially submit a total of 8 entries to the contest). Your submissions should be given to Mark 'Indy' Kochte during the Saturday Morning session.

Now you can have a group of minis (such as a squad of SGII soldiers, or a platoon of DSII-scale tanks) submitted as one entry. But they will only count as one entry. A squad of SGII-scale infantry and an APC of the same scale will count as 2 entries. Ask Mark for any clarifications.

Contest Judging

YOU will be the judges for the miniatures contest! The miniatures will be placed out on display at the end of the morning gaming session, and will remain out until the start of the evening gaming session.

You will vote in accordance to an identification tag associated with the miniature in question. You may make up to 2 votes per category, so a completed form will have 8 votes.

At that point the judging will be closed and prizes awarded by total votes. All individuals will compete for first place and runner-up prizes. If a person is both in first place and a runner-up, then that person will get the first place prize, and the person with the next most votes in line gets the runner-up prize. If the field for a given category exceeds 10 entries, we will award a third prize as well, subject to the same rules, and depending on prize availability.

Should there be a tie, a vote between the tied entries will be made by the available members of the con who are present at that moment. Mark 'Indy' Kochte will abstain from this second vote. If there should be a second tie, his will be the deciding vote.

You will be able to reclaim your entries during the Saturday Evening game session. See Mark to recover your forces.

Winners will be required after the judging for a quick photo-session. :-)

If any disagreements occur, decisions by Mark Kochte and the GZG-ECC Con committee are final.

Questions can be sent to Mark Kochte

GZG-ECC 9 Painting and Terrain Workshop

Run by Rick Rutherford

Painting for the beginner, and not so beginner, wargamer. I will cover the important aspects of painting neat, presentable miniatures. The idea is not to go out and win a 'Golden Demon' but to help you to improve your own talents and skills so you both enjoy painting and are happy with your results. I will cover basics ranging from Brushes and paint types through shading and highlighting to varnishing and basing finished figures.

I will provide brushes, paints, and primed figures, but you're welcome to bring any of your own figures or supplies.

There will also be work done on creating and painting terrain.

Attendees: 1 - 8 attendees

Sign-up for this event when you pre-register!.

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