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  • Ancient And Illuminated Seers of Bavaria

    Source: John Crimmins

    Summary Information

    • Category: Really, REALLY, Open
    • Political Power: 10/0 (see below)
    • Military Power: 5
    • Economic Power: 8
    • Size: 5


    The Ancient And Illuminated Seers of Bavaria are long dead.

    If they ever existed at all.

    Which they probably didn't.

    But if they did no one would know about it. But that wouldn't matter, would it? The Illuminati would still be in control, would still be manipulating human destiny for their own dark and mysterious purposes.

    Would they have a navy, do you think? Almost certainly. But if they did, they would disguise their ships as those of the so-called "major powers", the better to foment distrust among them. Perhaps some of them are disguised as NAC ships, painted in a black and white dazzle pattern, and are operating as Task Force Eris.

    Or perhaps not. Who can say?

    They might even have an army; the infamous "Black Hand". But that's unlikely, isn't it? The Black hand never existed, and even if they did they would not admit to it. But if they did, they would wear black, and they would use lasers? They would appreciate the pun inherent in the forces of Illumination using light as their primary weapon.

    And maybe, just maybe, they would have three colonies. One called Weishaupt, one called Alamut, and one called Fernanado Poo. But if there was a world called Fernando Poo, no one at all would know what happens there.

    And if they did, they would never stop screaming.

    Editorial Notes

    The AAISoB were/are more of a joke than anything else. Or maybe that's what they want you to think? Who's to say? What is certain is that they make scenario generation VERY easy, while allowing me to use whatever figures I have available. "No, those aren't NSL troopers...those are Bavarians in disguise!"

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    Author and Contributors

    Entry/System Author:John Crimmins

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