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    Source: Robert Hofrichter

    Summary Information

    • Category: Conventional
    • Political Power: 2
    • Military Power: 3
    • Economic Power: 3
    • Size: 3


    A star nation of three systems (from largest to smallest in population: Harzweld, Newich, Neu Pilzen) located approximately 12 parsecs from Sol. The worlds were settled by a mixed bag of colonists (Latin Americans, North Americans, English, Germans, and Czechs). The Far Stars Union is currently (2185) allied with the NSL against the FSE, but has fought the NSL in the past.

    Union government can be considered a constitutional oligarchy. Upper (Lords) and lower (Volk) Houses of Parliament with a rotating presidency in place of a monarch make up the central government, . The Union government's philosophy is currently mostly libertarian, though the individual planetary governments vary-Newich is very free market/democratic, Neu Pilzen's is almost socialist, and Harzweld's is between the two.

    The Union military is almost exclusively made up of a Navy and Marine force (there is a small Revenue and Rescue paramilitary service). Organization is a based upon mixture of NAC and NSL theories and doctrines, leavened by some purely local approaches to ship design. Larger ground forces, when needed, are provided by the governments of the individual planets.

    The FSU is not a homogeneous society-while some elements of each wave of colonists have melded together, others are determined to preserve their "heritage." This results in a rather strange mixture military-wise. The Americans from Newich are much more highly represented in the navy than their population would suggest, while the Germans are a plurality in the Marines. Czech participation is very high in the planetary forces of Neu Pilzen and Harzweld while Newich's military has many Latin Americans (and all of these forces operate some non-FTL warships).

    Editorial Notes

    The Union central government's forces are not very large as most of the ground forces are controlled, equipped, and organized by the separate planetary governments. Locally produced ships tend to be small (the largest shipyard in the Union is only capable of efficiently building vessels up to mass 50).

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    Author and Contributors

    Author: Robert W. Hofrichter (rwhofrich@peoplepc.com)

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