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    Source: Jerry Han (jhan@warpfish.com)

    Summary Information

    • Category: Conventional
    • Political Power: 0 (Who listens to fish mongers?)
    • Military Power: 3 (Mostly because of strong orbital defences.)
    • Economic Power: 3
    • Size: 2


    FishyLand is located in the deep frontier, consisting of a bunch of people who wanted to worship fish, but realized that such behaviour would be considered... weird ... in a reasonably balanced society. Thus, they boarded their starships and headed out beyond the frontier, as fast and as quickly as they could go.

    They found a small world, approximating Mars conditions. They setup their colony domes, underwater fish tanks, and their orbital defences, for they just wanted to worship fish and be left in peace.

    Their armed forces are small, but well-trained and modern. The army consists of a reinforced battlion of power armoured troops, while the navy consists of mostly escorts and small cruisers, with a battlecruiser as flag.

    Their biggest investment, and most powerful resource (other than the galaxy's best aquarium and seafood) is the orbital defence system. Paid for by seafood exports, the system is powerful enough to give even the major powers pause. The planet is takeable in forced entry, but there would be a very high price... which is how the FishyLanders like it. They just want to be left alone.

    Their fish exports are famous throughout human space.

    Editorial Notes

    This was created as a test page for the GZGPedia, and it basically developed a life of its own. As such, please don't take it too seriously. (Especially since I was whacked out on pain killers when I came up with this one. (8-))

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    Author: Jerry Han

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