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    Source: Nik Linell

    Summary Information

    • Category: Conventional
    • Political Power: 3
    • Military Power: 5
    • Economic Power: 5
    • Size: 5


    The Free Orange Republic is the mighty new seat of power for the proud Boer peoples. Their seat of power on Earth is the Free Orange State.

    Population/Listing of important Planets:
    Orange Free State-Earth(South Africa);pop 23 million
    Kruger-Capital World; pop 190 million
    Nue Durban-Daughter World; pop 56 million
    Welcom-Daughter World; pop 47 million
    Current Politics:

  • Aligned with FSE,
  • Fighting limited war with NSL, this is the limit of involvement on Third Solar War.
  • Undermining the PAU where ever possible, economically, politically, and militarily.
  • Limited projection of military might is current policy due to losses against the NSL
  • Strong two party political system with some military personal on ruling cabinet. Economy/Trade:
    With a very strong background in communications hardware the FOR tends towards a small yet high tech light industry base. As on many lightly populated worlds agriculture tends to make up a large portion of the gross national products of the three worlds of the FOR. There is a large amount of heavy mining being conducted on Nue Durban, but most mining takes place in the rich asteroid belt of the Kruger system. Security Threats internal/external:
    A man with a sense of purpose can go a long way in the FOR. Free enterprise with government support is strongly encouraged, be it farming or frontier research. The population tend to have a strong support towards the ruling government of the day. External threats are many to a small self sufficient republic. The unrest against the PAU has been coming to the fore for many decades, but the FOR has always felt that this has been a low level threat. More worrying has been the last few years as the FOR has been dragged inexorably into the general conflict of the Third Solar War. A small power has every thing to lose in such a conflict. Of late the alien threat has also been of a major concern. The FOR government has been trying for an armistice with the NSL so that they can concentrate on self security in the face of this new threat. The FSE has been hindering such movements.

    Editorial Notes

    The Grand Orange Fleet High Command has learnt from the rest of Humanities mistakes. Because of the close ties to the FSE the fleet's hulls bare a remarkable external likeness to one another. But below the bulkheads all similarities stop.

    Early on in the fleet history the High Command dropped the over sized engines and missile armament. They then moved to a mix of beams and torps but later dropped all beams for exclusive torp armament. The range problem of torps was overcome by superior training in the officer core and a movement towards a balanced mix of screens and armour. The last fleet refit incorporated a much higher level of area defence against missiles and fighters after heavy losses towards these elements.

    Fleet High Command have been looking into a missile destroyer after intelligence gathered from the number of skirmishes against the Kra'vak.


    Ground forces tend to be a mixture of fast small recons with high energy lasers and medium battle tanks armed with mass driver cannons. All troops are usually mounted in a Buffalo APCs with a mix of one GMS/L unit for every two rifle teams.


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    Source/Entry Author: Nik Linell

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