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    Source: John Atkinson

    Summary Information

    • Category: Open (or Conventional if NRE is replaced by another power)
    • Political Power: 0
    • Military Power: 0
    • Economic Power: 0
    • Size: 2


    Planetary Name: Greater Serbia (Note that most Croatians will refer to it as New Croatia)

    Formal Name: None

    Flags: Assorted

    Description: Hell. Small, mountainous, and cold inner planet of LTT 12352, which is marginally within the limits of human habitability without life support. Settled by a fractious assortment of Serbian and Croatians, each loyal to one of a variety of minor princelings each with visions of uniting the entire planet under their rule. A pair of large enclaves are held by the NRE, and in these enclaves life is more or less similar to the rest of the Empire, with additional security measures needed to deal with the ongoing terrorist threat. The rest of the planet is primarily a scattering of agricultural stations, with small cities centered on what light industry exists. History: First explored and evaluated as habitable in 2143 by a UN survey mission. Settled in 2145 by Serbian separatists who arrived to find the planet already inhabited by Croatian claim jumpers. Or was it the other way around? At any rate, the planet descended into total anarchy in short order. Two spaceports were constructed by the strongest of the factions with the support of several transnationals and other "interested parties" who might find unregulated spaceports to be beneficial. In 2160, the New Roman Empire stepped in to end the chaos (and incidentally to secure the surprisingly abundant mineral resources for Roman corporations). The entire area applauded to move, which quickly secured the spaceports, breaking up smuggling rings and apprehending several wanted pirates. However, it quickly became evident that the NRE did not have the resources or any interest in holding the entire planet. The Romans settled down to simply hold the spaceports and surrounding areas, creating the themes of Dalmatia and Sirmium. The NRE content themselves with using careful subsidies to keep the princes divided, weak, and incapable of offering combined and organized resistance. Foreign Relations/Security concerns: The primary security concern of the princes is, of course, each other. The NRE encourages infighting. The natural animosities between Serb and Croat as well as internal fights among the two ethnicities have combined to create a world where no adult male goes unarmed, where almost 15% of the population (outside of the Imperial themes) is under arms, and where not a day goes by without fighting. The acquisitiveness of Rhomaioi corporations adds another destabilizing factor. While the Corps are careful not to fight among themselves, proxy wars with native troops are not uncommon. Rhomaioi deaths are extremely rare due to a private agreement among the Corps, and the Imperial tendency to investigate the death of any citizens and hand out harsh reprisals. Economic notes: Greater Serbia's primary economic assets are mineral deposits in the rugged mountain ranges. These are generally mined in partnership with Rhomaioi corporations, partnerships that tend to be heavily skewed in favor of the Rhomaioi. Armed Forces: Each prince fields as many troops as he or she can afford. These vary in size from glorified infantry battalions to multi-brigade Corps. These troops are poorly equipped, under-mechanized, badly trained, and incompetently led. Usually the format is a generic brigade headquarters with a varying mix of battalions. Usually short on armor, aviation, anti-aerospace, and anti-armor assets. Their armored units tend to be better than their infantry is. Electronics are passable, due to heavy investment in off-world-manufactured targeting systems and ECM. Tactics are usually fairly simple. In addition, there is a large amount of bandit and guerilla activity (the distinction is somewhat blurred). These are generally irregular light forces, but often military units will desert, or a desertion will be faked. See http://www.angelfire.com/va/basileus/serbs.html

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    Author: John Atkinson
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