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    Source: Ground Zero Games Published Works / Vince Johnston

    Summary Information

    • Category: Official
    • Political Power: 8
    • Military Power: 7
    • Economic Power: 10
    • Size: 6


    The Imperial Japanese Navy ran by the Mega Corps of the Japanese people have build a solid structure of economic and management yet to be matched by any of the other 4 major powers. This dynamic economic ability quickly led the IJN to becoming the fifth major power and a seriously deadly force to be reckoned with. Though openly their warships have no advanced abilities, their fighters sport the unique and deadly ability to claim superiority in the fighter role.

    It is suspected that the Mega Corps of the Japanese have also secretly researched a number of advancements. One being an advanced FTL drive, though having no real game play value, it is the basis that propelled the IJN to colonized over 14 start systems in seemingly magical time. A few other experiments are currently under development in the research departments of the Mega Corps. Rumored is the testing of a new Pulse Wave Torpedo.

    With the unwillingness to share the technology of the new FTL drives, called by the Mega Corps "Hyper Velocity Travel". Stirred an unrest between the IJN and 2 of the major powers FSE and ESU. But their agreement to share it with the NAC formed an alliance, while causing more friction between the FSE/ESU strength to the IJN/NAC alliance.

    Editorial Notes

    The IJN is one of the 5 major powers that the UNSC deals with. Having forged alliances with a few minor powers such as the NI and OUDF, this has secured their position in the UN and in space. Although using conventional technology in the GZG universe, the concept of MECHA fighters makes the IJN a deadly foe to face. They are rumored testing of other systems, such as PWT and a stealth concept of navigating while fully cloaked, and a special sensor masking system giving enemy sensors false reading.

    PWT = Pulse Wave Torpedo
    PSA = Pulse Signal Amplifier
    SMG = Sensor Masking Ghost

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