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    Source: DOCArgen@aol.com

    Summary Information

    • Category: Open
    • Political Power: 3
    • Military Power: 6
    • Economic Power: 7
    • Size: 4

    Summary Information (2194)

    • Category: Open
    • Political Power: 3
    • Military Power: 5
    • Economic Power: 5
    • Size: 4


    The Midgard Herding (or The Midgard Province) is made up of currently 5 Planets in 4 star system, each considered a Herred (or administrative district), with a fairly strong home system defense fleet. In 2101 the power Midgard Herding, formal broke away from the EU, but in the confusion with the NSL and FSE breaking up the EU little notice was taken by rest of the society.

    Wolf 230     Planet Name: Freki (3th planet)
         In orbit around Freki is The Asgard Military Shipyard.
         Midgard Herding Capital City Valhalla is on Freki
              Planet Name: Geri (4th planet)
         In orbit around Geri is The Skidbladnir Civilian Shipyard.
    BD+21'652     Planet Name: Kingigtorssuaq (3th planet)
         In orbit around Kingigtorssuaq is The Hedeby Military Shipyard.
    BD+20'802     Planet Name: Muspellsheim (4th planet)
         In orbit around Muspellsheim is The Sleipnir Military Shipyard.
    BD+25'613     Planet Name: Jotunheim (4th planet)    
              Capital City is Ilullissat
    We also have a Mining operation in the LTT 11262 Star System, and currently starting a small outpost in the BD-05'642.

    The Midgard Herding is ruled by the monarch family Thorstein, the family who made the Midgard Herding possible with their wealth. Yet the ruling monarch's decisions can be overruled, how by the Valhalla's Althing which is a Herding wide national assembly. The members of this grouping are elected by the individual Herred's based popular election and will serve a 8 year term. The Althing has the ability to confirm a Prime Minister who will serve a 6 year term. While serving in the Valhalla Althing most of the members stay on Freki for their whole term.

    Each of the Herred has their own Althing which will elect the Herred ruling Jarl. Each of these Jarl's is consider equal to a member of the Valhalla's Althing and if any reason you can not gather a majority of the Valhalla's Althing, these Jarls can handle the voting for the Herding. So far that has not been done.

    The Midgard Herding has a very strong economy. With us selling weapons and other products including the selling of civilian Starships and high tech electronics. One thing we sell that are of high quality are "long range" beam weapon systems.

    The Midgard Herding, has spent a large amount of their GNP on their militray assets, and have assembled a somewhat stronger force then the average small power. Their naval assets, are designed to hit hard at long range with B3 and B4 on starships and fighters to fill out the ranks. With the main idea of not allow an enemy to close with them.

    The primary combat ships of the Midgard Herding are for the most part a modular design, allowing for the fleet to swap out "pods" depending on mission requirements, of course it requires a yard or ship depot to do the swap and about 1 week per mass of pod (allows for swap over and crew swapping/retraining). Of course it is rare once a ship is "completed" that they switch pods, but it can happen for refits. The largest warship designed in the Midgard Herding is the new Longboat Battlecruiser of which the 1st one went into service in 2174. It is also the only designed warship, in current production that is not designed to be modular rather a fixed design. However a Heavy Battleship design has been approved, and is soon to go into production by order of the our new Queen Bertha Thorstein.

    There are a number of older NSL warships, that have found there new home within the MH. Also there are some former "privateers" and other nations manned ships that have been put back into service in the MH, but mostly in Reserves and/or Q-Ships.

    MHK = Midgard Herding Man of War (Krigsskip)
    MHS = Midgard Herding Civilian (Sivil) Starship

    Relations with other Power in the GZGPedia

    Ranked 0 to 10, 10 being the warmest.

    • The NSL is currently the MH's strongest trading partner and military ally, and since the EC broke apart, the relastionship between the NSL and MH has has been always on the way up from the bottom. 9
    • The FWC is a strong trading partner, and the MH has an militray alliance with. 8 (Not on the noncanon map, but the non-canon power of a local player here in Maine)
    • The FCT is a strong trading partner, and the MH has standing offer of military assisstance. 8
    • Japan is a good trading partner, and there has been some exchanges of Artificial Intelligence and Cyberwear/interface technology between us. 6
    • The NI is becoming a good trading partner, however there is is some high level tech exchanges and a minor military exchange program currently underway. 6
    • The NAC is a good ally but position means it takes a while to link up, therefore limiting the trade with them. 6
    • The FSU has been a good trading partner, and currently bying some starships from us. 6
    • The RDC has been a good trading partner. 5
    • The RH has been a good trading partner. 5
    • The UN has been neutral in all our dealings. 5
    • The FOR has been neutral in all our dealings, with some minor trade undertaken. There also was been some minor diplomatic overtures undertaken with/for the FOR. 5
    • The ESU has taken up arms against the MH but there has been some low level trading undertaken. 4
    • The NRE there has been some low level dealing undertaken. 4
    • The RSM it is beleived maybe behind some of the raiders who MH but there has been some low level dealing undertaken. 3
    • The FSE is currently in a bloodfeud with MH. This is due to a few hostile contacts between the 2 militaries since 2nd Solar Wars. There are no diplomatic contacts besides thur the UN. 0

    Editorial Notes

    Declared Open due to Economic Power. This power is dated as of 2183. -- JGH

    Update as of 2194: During the past 10 years the Midgrad Herding attempt to have both a Strong Military and a Strong Economy has broken both sides of the plan. Given the current crisis with the Kra'vak, it has caused the Economy to slow down. In turn the ecomony slowing down has limited the Fleet upgrading ships as well as replacement has also slowed down, so older ships are being kept in service longer then planned for. Yet the fleet still maintains what it has at the current highest readiness state. The pride of the Fleet is the first of the new Viking class Heavy Battleship which entered service in 2192.

    Parts of the Midgard Herding Fleet has taken part in joint UN actions against the Kra'vak. Including 1 encounter where a Mjornir Heavy Cruiser the MHN Oalf Haraldsson managed to take down 2 Ko'tek Strike Cruisers with limited return damage. Most times they have try to avoid being placed in with FSE forces, do to "issues" between the two states. And while the FSC "freebooters" have made some raids within the Midgard Herding, increasing the tension between the 2 minor powers. So far there have been no open declared war, but there have been a few cases where shots have been exchanged in Neutral Space.

    The Mining operation in the LTT 11262 Star System is still being worked and is protected by a small fleet to guard against raiders. The outpost in the BD-05'642 Star System has only had some limited growth, but was was hard hit in a raid by now what is beleived to be Phalons forces. -- DOCArgen

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