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    Source: Tom Anderson (thomas.anderson@univ.ox.ac.uk)

    Summary Information

    • Category: Official
    • Political Power: 5
    • Military Power: 4
    • Economic Power: 8
    • Size: 5


    The Royal Dutch Commonwealth is the expanded, interstellar nation which began life as the Netherlands. It is not a major power, but is a leading second-tier power.

    The RDC is a parliamentary democracy consisting of seventeen provinces: the eleven terran provinces and six colony worlds, all with limited autonomy. The Dutch political system is fairly stable, and whilst leaders and governments come and go, they remain close to a left-of-centre position.

    The Commonwealth is a powerful economic unit, with sophisticated industries and a very substantial merchant navy, including trading posts (ranging from modest business parks in foreign cities to giant freeports in neutral star systems) scattered throughout human space. Many businesses, especially strategically important ones such as shipbuilding, financial services and advertising, are mostly or partly owned by the crown.

    The Commonwealth is aligned with the NAC/NSL bloc, forming, with the FCT, one of its core members. However, it generally tries to maintain approximate neutrality, to reduce the impact of politics on trade. Relations are frosty with the Romanov Hegemony, for reasons which have never seemed clear, and with the Indonesian Commonwealth, for historical reasons.

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