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    Source: Alexander Kettle (squawk@csolve.net)

    Summary Information

    • Category: Conventional
    • Political Power: 1
    • Military Power: 5
    • Economic Power: 5
    • Size: 3

    CD 30-19255 7:2:-12
    CD 30-19175 7:2:-11


    The NSA is situated in a pair of small star systems on the border of NAC space. Originally founded by Scottish settlers who had become dissatisfied with their treatment by the NAC, they settled in these two star systems which lie relatively close to each other, and away from most other populated systems. The twin systems have since become home to immigrants from accross space, but still maintains many strong links to it's original Scottish founders. The Alliance is composed of 3 main colonies in the two star systems and one smaller colony. One system New Govan, is home to two colonies. One colony is situated on a large earthlike planet, with a diverse eco-system already established the colony flourished quickly. The second colony is on a large lifeless planetoid in an orbit very close to that of the main colony, and is a treasurehouse of minerals and valuable metals. This colony is housed in domes and conducts extensive mining of the planet to support the industry of the main colony world.

    The second system, New Alba holds two colonies and is the home of the NSA's primary industry. The main colony is on a large Earthlike planet which is still in it's fairly primitive stages of life. The second colony is on a small moon which can support human life, orbiting a large gas giant in an orbit closer to the system's star than the first colony world. It is this planet which provides the NSA with it's unusually high economic and military power. The moon's unusual orbit leaves it close to the system's middle asteroid belt, making asteroid mining easily accessible. The ores produced from this mining are smelted and then used in the massive orbital construction facilities around the moon.

    The NSA in true Scottish tradition took to ship building quickly as a way of funding their colony and building defensive vessels for the systems. Since it's early days the NSA has built a thriving ship building industry, having gained a reputation for building high quality ships. Their excellent ship design facilities have also gained a reputation for unusual and often quite powerful designs. The NSA currently builds ships mainly for the NAC and NSL, to whom it still has close ties (although they have been known to build for anyone willing to pay their fees, which are not cheap).

    Using the steady income of the shipyards the NSA has been able to assemble a large navy, both from converted NAC and NSL designs, and from several completely original designs. Many of these ships are assigned to system defense to help back up the massive orbital defenses built to protect the orbital smelters and construction yards around the moon colony. The bulk of the NSA fleet is used as mercenary troops by other powers, often being leased out on long term contracts, they are considered a potent force having a wide range of warships at their disposal.

    In addition to it's orbital facilities, the NSA has constructed munitions factories on both colonies, manufacturing everything from ammunition to main battle tanks and combat walkers. These munitions are also of high quality and are shipped to buyers by an NSA merchant fleet built in their own shipyards and escorted by NSA warships, making them a dangerous target for pirates or raiders.

    It is from this thriving munitions industry that the elite NSA ground forces were born. Originally using only NAC equipment bought in the earliest days of the colony, the NSA armed forces (NSAF) have since developed a style of their own, finding the weapons and equipment that suited them best. Though relatively small, NSA ground forces are also much sought after as mercenary troops.

    Government: The goverment of the NSA is made up of elected officials from each of the different city-states. Each city state is nominally run by descendants of the original founding clan, thus city states do experience some inter clan competition, but this is always limited, and all peoples born in the city-state are considered to belong to that clan. The overall government is located on the main colony of the New Govan star system, where each of the colonies sends their representatives.

    Military Structure: The NSA military is split into two arms, Navy (NS-N) and Ground forces (NS-AF). Though they still use a rank structure identical to the NAC from which many of the colonists come, the structure, tactics and training is somewhat unique. The NS-N is comprised of many different classes of warship including converted NAC and NSL designs and several unique NSA designs. NSA designs tend to be well defended and well armed, with small numbers of light beam weapons, usually relying on heavy beam weapons and pulse torpedoes for attack. Most of the NSA's mainline fleet has been stripped of fighters, and they rely on a few very large super carriers to supply a fighter screen to the fleet- although these will usually be long range fighters or heavy fighters.

    In it's role as support to the NS-AF in planetary operations the NSA operates a trio of massive assault ships. Designed to enter a system after it has been secured these massive ships operate several squadrons of fighters as well as a number of interface landers, and is heavily armed with defensive weapons and numerous Ortillery batteries. These ships will use sheer firepower to pound a beachhead- into which orbital drop troops, composed entirely of power armour and infantry combat walkers, will drop. These troops then secure the area for more conventional troop transports to land. It is practically unheard of for more than one of these ships to be used in an operation due to their value and scarcity but where-ever they are found there will always be a heavy NSA naval presence.

    The NS-AF, although not as powerful a presence as the NS-N is still a powerful force in it's own right. Using many heavy armoured vehicles, and even infantry walkers they can prject much more force than simple numbers would indicate. The NS-AF has an unusual squad structure, in that they have three different forces within their companies: The first is their standard eight man infantry squad, using weapons, armour, and equipment almost identical to the NAC. The second is an eight man shock team, using heavier shell armour, although utilizing the same weapon types. And the last is their 6 man power armour squads.

    Standard Platoon organization is 1 Command squad, 2 infantry squads, 1 Shock team, 1 Power armour squad. Each squad having it's own transport making NSA troops highly mobile in the battlefield.

    Recent NSA operations have revolved around exploring a nearby star system. The star system has no habitable worlds, but studies have indicated that there may be extensive ore deposits throughout the system, ores which the NSA would use to increase it's ship facilities.

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