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    Source: Alan E Brain (aebrain@dynamite.com.au) / GZG Published Works

    Summary Information

    • Category: Official
    • Political Power: 7
    • Military Power: 3
    • Economic Power: 5
    • Size: 2/5


    The Oceanic Union is a federation of states, covering the South Pacific, with some off-world colonies.

    The Oceanic Unions is a representative Parliamentary Democracy, with two main political factions. These are the "Drys" whose power base is the European/Asian society of the continent of Australia, and the "Wets" whose powerbase is the mainly-Polynesian societies of the South Pacific nations (both island archipelagos and undersea colonies).

    Although only half a dozen permanent colonies exist outside the Inner Sphere, the Oceanic Union has claimed most of the planetless and utterly useless M-class stars in the volume of Known space. In terms of number of star systems claimed, it is by far the largest power, though these claims are usually ignored and not shown on political maps. These systems are regularly visited by the large (in numbers of long range patrol vessels) OU Navy, mainly carrying scientific personnel and supplies. Of the systems that have found to be not quite totally usless, many have been snapped up by other powers, as the OU could not defend them. Many others have been leased (sometimes at gunpoint, but usually not). A significant number of marginal, (and virtually all of the usless systems) however have been left "fallow" as the OU is the only power with a legal claim, and has exploited inter-power rivalry to stop any of the larger-powers from grabbing them. Amongst the systems with no permanent OU or other presence in them, a regularly maintained complex of navigation and emergency rescue beacons exists. Although the OU claims these systems, it not only allows other nations to set up scientific and research facilities, but often helps out with regular supply runs (while not abandoning its territorial claims - in theory at least). The OU armed forces consist of a relatively large Navy, which is composed of semi-civilian multipurpose patrol, cargo and exploration craft, a much smaller purely military fleet, and a small ground force which relies upon rapid mobility, high technology and hit-and-run raids. Most of the patrol craft can be converted to fleet capable units at short notice, but few stocks of the expensive conversion kits are held (enough for about 20%).

    The OU has extensive trade links with Japan, and it is suspected that some of the original FTL research may have been done with OU participation. Certainly OU navigational beacons have been found by UN and other exploration ships where no such presence was suspected. It is suspected that the OU is trying the same sort of strategy that it used on Earth, claiming only the completely useless territory, while waiting for technology to improve and make the territory valuable (and in the meantime making sure that any claimjumpers get damaged so severely that such activity is unprofitable). The OU has therefore intervened temporarily in a few wars, usually only at critical moments, to cause the maximum damage to the last power to hurt them.

    Although the OU has had long-standing relations with the NSL, FSE and NAC, it's said that the "OU has no friends, only interests", and remains rather aloof from most conflicts. Despite that, it has remained on relatively good terms with most of the major powers, who have all experienced extreme inconvenience from OU raiding and covert demolition teams whenever relations have deteriorated.

    The OU retains a small but significant technological edge in Gravmotor design and production (in conjunction with Kawasaki-Shimbun of Japan), and is the only power to use large quantities of Gravbikes (the famed "Light Horse") for combat. It is rumoured that they have connections with New Israel regarding Stealth technology, but have nothing in service yet that has been publically acknowledged.

    The recent KriVak incursions have led to OU forces being used for non-combatant deep reconaissance and behind-the-lines special force insertion , with only the much smaller purely-military fleet being involved in fleet actions in support of the UN and other combatants.

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