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    Source: Graeme Bradbury / LL Burks

    Summary Information

    • Category: Conventional
    • Political Power: 7
    • Military Power: 8
    • Economic Power: 6
    • Size: 9


    Flag: PAU Flag is GREEN over BLACK over RED with 5 stars (YELLOW) in a diamond in the center CAS Flag is BLUE over Red, In the center is a WHITE silhouette of Africa with a BLACK silhouette of America imposed over Africa

    Earth: 780 million, CD 32513: 10 Million, CD40 5404: 2 Million, CP45 3978: 600,000, CP42 4101: 750,000, ADS 8131 650,000

    CAS: 8 million spread over 4 star systems

    PAU has a multi-party system; some of these parties are not represented in government because they are too small. The government consists of three branches: the President, the Counsel of State, and the House of Representatives. Each representative serves one 10-year term with council members and presidents serving upto two 10-year terms. The Lantern, Plate, and House parties dominate PAU politics. CAS's political system is model on the old US federal government system with representatives elected from city-states.

    With the last of its war debts nearly paid PAU economy is improving. The new trade agreement with CAL-TEX is promising. The ESU and Japan have signed contracts for the new super cargo haulers. CAS has signed contracts with the Inner Colonies, ENDO-C, and the OU for its Kit planes. Trading partners: FSE, INNER COLONIES, NEW ISRAEL, CAL-TEX, JAPAN, ESU, LLAR, and ENDO-C

    Africa is considered to have a large untapped source of wealth, most of which is located in it colonies.

    PAU/CAS has the "Super Tankers" of their day; these super cargo haulers are the main stays of the PAU. Often making trade stops throughout human space.



    PAU foreign policy is geared toward gaining a safe corridor between earth and it colonies. PAU promotes peace and often offers its services to meditate disputes. The PAU has taken in a number of displaced peoples offering them a chance to improve their lives. The PAU has on a number of occasions sent troops into hot spots, in human space, to perform humanitarian missions.

    PAU has had a long friendship with the ESU and the FSE and pledges to support New Israel and the LLAR if attacked

    Kra'Vak, background unknown

    IFN, has had a long standing and on going battle with the PAU / CAS, mostly border raids

    NAC, blamed for the Plant Virus of 2162, a long standing enemy

    Africa for Africans Party, believes all whites and coloreds should be expelled from the PAU (the KKK of Africa)

    Islamic Reform Party, given a home after the Islamic Revolution, has caused problems within the IFN and PAU (similar to the PLO)


    	NAVY: 1.35Million
    	ARMY: 2.3 Million
    	MITILITA: 3.5 million
    	TEAM: Standard Rifle 8, Light Rifle & Powered Infantry 6
    	SECTION: CMD Group, 3 Teams
    	COMPANY: CMD Group, 3 Sections, and 1 Weapons Section
    	BATTALION: CMD Group, 5 Rifle companies, 1 Support Company
    	REGIMENT: CMD Group, 4 Rifle Battalions, 1 Battery Artillery (medium), 
    		1 Air defense Battery
    	DIVISION: CMD Group, 3 Rifle Regiments, 1 Armor Regiment, 
    		1 Artillery Battalion, 1 Air Defense Battalion, 
    		2 Anti-Armor Companies, 1 Recon Company, 1 Supply Train Regiment
    	RIFLE: All foot soldiers
    		Team: 1 Team Leader, RTO, 4 Assault Rifles, 1 Grenade Launcher, 1 SAW
    	LIGHT RIFLE: Air Cavalry Team -  1 Team Leader, 
    		1 RTO, 2 Assault Rifles, 1 GL, 1 SAW
    	HEAVY RIFLE:  Power Armor Team - 1 Team Leader, 
    		4 BH-24 Armored Suites, 1 RFAC AS
    	MOUNTED RIFLES: Ground Cavalry, Air Rifle - Air Cavalry - 
    		same as Light Rifle w/AFV
    	MOTORIZED RIFLES: Mechanize Units - same as Rifle Team w/AFV
    	ARMOR: Armored Fighting Vehicles - 1 Section 4 AFV- 100 Rhino II Tanks
    	BH-24b Armored Suite is the ESU BH-21s, which have been upgraded by the
    	PAU.  AFV 100s and 200s are remanufactured FV 700s and 200s either captured
    	or purchased from the NAC, CAL-TEX or ESU, replacing NAC weapons with HKPs
    	and HVCs Standard Assault Rifles are the FSE FA 75 and FM 77, Special
    	Forces uses the Israeli Uzi 48
    HISTORY 2157 - Present

    2157 The end of the Second Solar War

    PAU was not able to realize its dream of a corridor between earth and it colonies. The war left the PAU nearly broke and its government in turmoil. PAU was left split as part of its colonies formed the Commonwealth of African States. The government falls at the end of the year.

    2158 A New Day

    The year began with a vote of no confidence for the new government after 90 days of failures and civil unrest growing each day a new government is formed. By the end of the year the government has stabilize.

    2162 Food Riots in West Africa

    While the colonies recovered in short order the real problems were centered close to home. A cargo ship carrying a plant virus cashed near the city of Bamenda in the state of Cameroon causing an ecological disaster. As the virus spread people began leaving their farms and small villages in search of food. When warehouses began running low on food, rioting broke out all over western Africa requiring the army, whose loyalty was in question, to be called out to restore order. To save lives, thousands of people had to be uprooted and moved to the colonies. CAS accepts 500,000 refugees.

    2165 CAS Joins PAU

    The Commonwealth of African States takes its place on the Council of State with ten delegates representing CAS takes their seats as parliament open its session. Third Solar War begins; PAU declares itself to be neutral, but places the army on general alert.

    2170 - 2183 Border Raids

    A series of border raids, beginning in 2170, were first attributed to IFN forces, which had been quietly masking troops along the CAS / PAU borders. By 2179 PAU was having second thoughts about who was causing the raids. The raids were well organized and timed which did not suit the IFN usual methods as raiders. Efforts to find a diplomatic solution were frustrated by the IFN’s refusing to meet with the PAU or any government. Local militias are place on standby; a general alert is issued to all colonial governments.

    2183 The Battleship Kinshasa

    The Third Solar War had all but run it course when the PAU went before the UN general assembly. The PAU requested a survey ship be sent to the outer rim of PAU space to explore some strange readings PAU ships were reporting. Mc Caffrey and Niven took up station near the Lagos VI system, sweeping distance stars with their long range scanning equipment. When both ships failed to return after a survey mission, in an unsurveyed system, the PAU sent one of its battle groups to investigate. Nearly three months pasted before a lone badly damage destroyer, the Burning Lake, limped into Good Hope II spaceport. Its captain reported the lost of the Niven, the Battleship Kinshasa, the destroyer Thundering Waters and the disappearance of the Mc Caffrey.

    2186 Hammer and Claws

    The war with the Kra'vak started in the Lagos VI system (CD 45 7228), when a mining colony was attacked.

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