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    Source: Todd Pote

    Summary Information

    • Category: Conventional
    • Political Power: 0
    • Military Power: 4
    • Economic Power: 3
    • Size: 4


    The Concordium, sometimes referred to by more legitimate nations as the pirates alliance, is composed of several former pirate clan colonies. These colonies are spread out over a total of four systems near the edge of known human space. The increasingly forceful retaliatory and punitive strikes by the galactic powers that be brought about a change of thinking amongst the larger pirate clans. Led by the Crimson Angel Clan, the larger clans "convinced" the smaller groups that the founding of a legitimate nation would be more profitable and healthier all around.

    The clans established their capitol on the fourth planet of the Capella System, calling it Haven. They have applied for status with the UNSC but have yet to officially recognized as a true nation by the core systems or any other human government. Many of the Concordium's population are still clannish and very independent with the occasional privateer hold-outs causing no end of trouble beyond the fledgling nation's borders. Though the legitimate Concordium Navy has actively assisted in hunting down these miscreants, it has cast a pall of doubt over the opinions of the Concordium's sincerity and desire for legitimate government. If not for the danger presented to the Core Worlds by the Kra'Vak invasion, there is little doubt that larger UNSC and foreign national fleets would be present within Concordium space.

    While the Capella and Lambda Aurigae systems are well patrolled and governed by the Concordium, both the Sargasso (BD+53'934) and Shoals (GJ 1073) systems are rife with hidden bases of free booters and privateer hold-outs. Frontier law rules amongst the many prospectors and small corporate facilities trying to take advantage of the rich asteroid belts within these systems. The privateers and free booters blend in easily with the small mining stations, often times hiring out as private "security" forces. Concordium naval units, while not told to leave, are definitely made to feel unwelcome in these systems. Skirmishes are few and short lived since most pirate units prefer to flee instead of fighting against the naval patrol squadrons.

    The Concordium Navy has adopted a minimum asset, maximum punch doctrine. As a result, there are a large number of smaller vessels with fire power enough to make vessels several thousand tons larger treat them with respect. Larger vessels are under construction, both in response to the Kra'Vak danger and the unknown stances of the Phalons and Sa'Vasku. Talk within the Concordium government has been heated over contributing naval assets and citizens to aid the UNSC in defending the Sol system from the Kra'Vak assault. Some feel the gesture would ensure the Concordium's legitimacy, others feel it would merely weaken the Concordium and invite hostile intentions from the larger powers. As yet, no decision has been made on this issue.

    2168- Punitive anti-piracy raids by the NSL and FSE against the pirate clan enclaves cause significant damage and loss of life amongst the colonies. Several smaller clans are nearly destroyed completely. The larger pirate clans convene at the request of the Crimson Angel clan to discuss the impacts of these events. Most are convinced that it is time to create a more "legitimate" government or face extinction at the hands of the galactic superpowers. Not all the clans agree and a bloody civil war starts, led by the Black Sword and Star Cobra clans involving all four systems claimed by the pirates.

    2174- The last of the "rebel" clans is purged and the Rim World Concordium is officially declared by the victors. Led by the Crimson Angel Clan, a capitol is established on the fourth planet of the Capella system and named Haven. The Council of Clans immediately applies for UNSC recognition and an opening of diplomatic relations promising a cessation of pirate raids and enforcement of interstellar law amongst their territorial boundaries. The request is met by skepticism and delay by the UNSC and other nations.

    2175- Raids by privateer hold-outs against the shipping of the Concordium's galactic neighbors delay the UNSC decision regarding the request for recognition as a legitimate government. The Concordium Navy begins extensive, and somewhat ruthless, anti-piracy operations within Concordium claimed space.

    2179- Anti-piracy raids by outside naval forces cease within Concordium territory after the loss with all hands of the NSL battlecruiser "Schaubach" to two Concordium corvettes during what both sides have referred to as an "unfortunate mistake" by the commanding officers involved. Relations with the NSL have remained almost non-existent since. The UNSC opened up a small diplomatic consulate in Haven within 3 months of this incident to monitor the actions of and provide guidance to the "national candidate".

    2183- Privateers and free booter activities outside of Concordium space have been dramatically reduced. Word reaches the Concordium regarding the disappearances of the UNSC McCaffrey and Niven. Though nothing is formally said, FSE and NSL naval units are spotted shadowing Concordium naval units along the territorial borders over the next several months.

    2184- Observers at the UNSC consulate report favorably to the Core Worlds regarding the sincerity and actions taken to provide a lasting legitimate, lawful, and peaceful government amongst the worlds claimed by the Rim World Concordium. Both the NSL and FSE voice reservations and bring to light years of predation by the pirate clans forming the governmental body of the Concordium. A vote is taken by the Core World members and other governments with conditional recognition being granted to the Concordium as a stellar nation.

    Later this same year, word about alien attackers is leaked to Concordium intelligence assets by unknown NAC sources. The Clans immediately convene to discuss this information.

    2186- The Concordium Navy begins to build up its strength by adding cruiser and capital units incorporating newer technologies purchased from the NAC and Core World Corporations. A trade in resources develops, overseen by the UNSC to assure good faith from all parties and prevent any unfortunate disputes.

    2188- The Rim World Concordium Navy petitions the Council of Clans for permission to join in the defense of humanity against the Kra'Vak. Most of the Council realizes that this is an opportunity for full unconditional recognition by the other interstellar powers. Unfortunately, most of the citizens of the Concordium rally against this unnecessary exposure of their home systems and lobby for a "fortress" policy. The Council authorizes the navy to dispatch a single light cruiser with escorts to provide "aid and assistance" to any foreign nation ship or ships encountered en route to Sol. Their unofficial orders are to gather as much information regarding the Kra'Vak as possible.

    2189- The Concordium is shocked when the light cruiser "Forty-niner" returns to Capella heavily damaged and without its escorts. Public panic ensues when word of the battle of Centaurus leaks out and that there is yet another alien species, the Sa'Vasku, at large. The Council of Clans authorizes a full military build-up and considers conscript service for its citizens. Border patrols are doubled and shelters set up on several larger asteroids within the many belts of the Concordium star systems. Formal offers of assistance are tendered to the UNSC and three refugee colonies opened for alien invasion survivors from foreign worlds. The UNSC accepts and a formal vote of the Core Worlds results in removal of all conditions relating to recognition of the Concordium as a nation.

    2191- The most powerful warship in known space is launched by the Concordium. The SDN/M, CNS-Grapeshot, makes its maiden cruise accompanied by two "Sloop" class light cruisers and three "Halo" class corvettes. The cruise takes the squadron along the rimward edges of NSL space where it encounters a hunting pack of four Kra'Vak "Kestrel" class cruisers. Admiral Thaddeus Teach orders an immediate engagement against the Kestrels by his squadron. The CN cruisers and 'vettes engage first resulting in the destruction of one Kestrel and minor damage inflicted against a second in exchange for the loss of one CN cruiser and corvette. Bypassing the remaining CN ships, the Kestrels move to engage the "Grapeshot" itself obviously thinking it just another human SDN. Their mistake resulted in the immediate destruction of all three Kestrels after the Missile Carrier fired its first salvo in anger.

    Morale within the Concordium was high upon the return of the small squadron. However, the war rages on in the rest of the galaxy.

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