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    Source: SavageDoc@att.net

    Summary Information

    • Category: Conventional
    • Political Power: 3
    • Military Power: 4
    • Economic Power: 4
    • Size: 4


    Capitol World-Sparta (earth type)
    Capitol System-Pan (BD-34'363)
    Population 8,956,000
    Military Personel
    "Brotherhood" mobilization capacity: 6,717,000 
    Spartan Legion: 1,679,250
            209,906 away at any given point working as mercenaries for experience.
    Spartan Navy: 839,626
    Colony List:
                    Pan (BD-34'363)
                            Sparta (wrold, earth type)
                                    Pop. 5,040,000
                            Thermopylae (moon, airless)
                                    Naval Headquaters
                                    Pop. 32,000
                    Artemis (VY Arictis)
                            Herakles (world, rugged)
                                    Agricultural Colony
                                    Pop. 750,000
                            Diana (moon of Herakles)
                                    Military/Naval Base
                                    Pop. 25,000
                    Leonidas (BD-41'328)
                            Lysander (world, harsh)
                                    Mining colony
                                    Pop. 105,000
                    Lycurgus (Delta Trianguli)
                            Elysium (world, earth type)
                                    Major Settlement
                                    Pop. 3,005,000
                            Olympos (Moon, rugged)
                                    Military/Navla Base
                                    Pop. 31,000
    The Spartan Union began as a pipe dream of the American Liberty Party of the NAC. The ALP was the political voice for various free market economists, old american corporations, libertarians, and the sometimes violent sons of liberty. However, when George Marshall became perty head in 2154, he made the dream his party's main goal. Using a combination of SOL sabre rattling and token car bombs along with targeted donations from aligned corporations, Marshall sucedes in getting many politicians to support the idea and removing the ones vehemently against it. After the conclusion of the war Marshal agreed to ending SOL violence (and taking the hardliner street soldiers and poltical foes away from NAC territory) in exchange for colonial rights (behind closed doors of course).

    When the first wave of colonists left in early 2158, the official destination was supposed to be BD-63'238, however, Marshall's duplicity was not discovered untill the second wave had left in late 2158 carrying with it the boards of directors of Harley Davidson, Colt, GMC, and the leadership of the NRA. The Party had done its research well, their actuall destination was a cluster of four Sol type stars rimward and away form the ESU NAC conflict. When the declaration of Independance followed shortly after landfall, observers were not suprised, and the NAC hardly noticed, it had pressing problems elswhere.

    Following the near simultanious rise of Free Cal-Tex and New Sparta, there was a mass flow of old American colonists to these new Nations, as well as politcal refugees from the other main powers, both leftist and rightist. Using the heavy equipment of the second wave, Sparta immediatly gained an industrial economy. Relying on vat grown protein to feed the industrial workers, the Spartan corporations were able to infuse the new Nation with much needed foreign currency by selling machinery to other new colonies. The Eunomia was put in placed early on and King Gearoge Marshall Washington's first emergency act were the Lycurgus Laws, which encouraged children by denying citizenship to singles and couples without children.

    The rapidly growing Spartan population enabled the next phase of the "Marshall Plan" to be put into place; the creation of colonies on Sparta's three nearest neighbors, Artemis Leonidas, and Lycurgus. The Spartan Union was able to grow steadily and their economy soon became based on supplying machinery to other new colonies. The growth of the ESU rimward spurs the growth of the profesional Spartan Legion and Spartan Navy, in addition to the militia "Brotherhoods".

    Editorial Notes

    I've some thoughts for a stellar nation, somewhat based on Pournell's Sparta. Yes they have a very high percentage in the "Legions" but only a third of those troops are truly profesionals, the rest of the man power is filled by Phraetry (brotherhood) personel in rotation.

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