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    Source: Noam Izenberg

    Summary Information

    • Category: Conventional
    • Political Power: 0
    • Military Power: 2
    • Economic Power: 2
    • Size: 3


    The Thousand Nations is a colony of the Earth's various displaced 'indiginous peoples.' Tired of being compromised, marginalized, and treatied nearly out of existence, and fighting the near total loss of language, history, culture, and hope in the 20th and early 21'st centuries, a movement of Native Americans (North and South) colonised an earthlike but wild world far from the human core, around the star Alshain. As each community has its own name for the new world, the planet is officially designated Alshain II (second planet from the host star). Initial funding for settlement came from North American Indian Casino profits, Nuclear (and other toxic) waste storage/disposal facility leases (both still active sources of income), and several one-time sales of some remaining territorial land.

    As the 22nd century progressed, other surviving 'minority' peoples (Aboriginies, Bushmen, Amazon, Congo, Island groups, etc), who could bear to leave ancestral homes joined, forming a widespread, loose network of colonies over the planet. The only cohesion is a Council of Nations organized to mediate internal conflicts and external threats to the world. Life on planet varies by group, but is often an ecclectic, intimate mix of traditional, tribal ways and modern knowledge.

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    Source/Entry Author: Noam Izenberg

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